The reason customers return boils down to customer service

The reason customers return boils down to customer service

May 23, 2017 3:00 AM


Casino Customer Service is what brings the customers back to your casino for the second time.

There is an average cost your casino or business pays to get a customer in the door for the first time. That is the easy part.

The hard part is trying to figure out what brings them back for a second time and makes them loyal to your business.

Creating loyalty is the key to success. Creating repeat business lowers the acquisition cost, which creates more money that can be used for new business.

Recently, I called the Rio to book a room for the WSOP and was preparing for my usual shock treatment on how bad customer service was at Caesars. They always lose my account or cannot locate me.

They always ask, “Have you stayed with us before?” and I always respond, “Just forty years.”

This time was different – the representative found me on the first try. I had to ask where she was located because the phone was so clear. She said, “I am in Bally’s.”

She was so friendly I felt I was talking to my mom. This operator took away all the negatives I had experienced the past ten years.

I asked how much is valet parking, and she said, “It’s free at the Rio for the time being.” I appreciated the honest answer.

Then she went over the best rates for me and offered suggestions to save money. No one tried to sell me a timeshare; I was pleasantly surprised. Caesars had upped their game.

There are so many reasons for customers to be loyal and even more reasons if they will tell their friends about how good things are at your casino.

The design of your floor space and hotel plays a big part.

You wonder sometimes who the architect was that designed such a cold, non-functional casino. I could write a book on that one.

Some casinos are so hard to navigate through you wonder: Was this just to get me walking past the slot machines?

Simple, functional design is vital to a business’ success. Poker rooms and sportsbooks need three things before you have a shot at giving great customer service. Those three things are plentiful parking, multiple restrooms and a comfortable gaming area.

If you have all three and a friendly staff, you have a chance at growing your poker and sportsbook business.

A vital fact to remember is that poker players and sports bettors like action and don’t want to miss a hand or a sports play.

The most important thing to remember is you can’t offer customer service without great employees. Gaming is a people business, and making every customer feel like a VIP will keep them coming back again and again.

Having employees call customers by their first name is priceless; smiles and thank yous cost nothing.

Focus groups are a great way for customers to bounce ideas off one another while management listens and responds in a live setting.

These meetings with your customers cannot be orchestrated. The group must be a broad spectrum of your business. It’s a chance to get a score card and road map to success from the people your counting on for revenue and future growth.

I really can’t express how important focus groups are.

They must be attended by the owners or at least the top management of the company that can change policy and procedures on the spot. Conducting surveys can never do what fifteen customers can do in one lunch meeting with your executive staff.

Understanding the psychology of gamblers is a class I would love to teach.

Remember, customer service starts before the customer arrives and continues during their stay and even after they leave.

Following up after a customer’s visit shows you appreciated their visit and look forward to seeing them again.

Make customers feel at home at your casino, and they will keep coming back.