A dream of a poker game I had to share

A dream of a poker game I had to share

October 10, 2017 3:00 AM


On occasion, most of us dream while sleeping. Have you ever dreamed about poker?

The other night, having fallen asleep while reading an antique poker book a friend had given me, I found myself dreaming of a poker hand.

At 2:07 a.m. (I peeked at the clock on my bed stand) I woke up, the dream very vivid in my mind. I knew if I allowed myself to go back to sleep, I probably would forget it when I later awoke. This was one I wanted to remember. So, I got up from bed, steadied myself on my feet, and then walked directly to my computer to write about my dream. And, what a dream it was!

Seated in the Big Blind (BB) position in a game of limit Texas hold’em, I had been dealt 2s-3s. Normally, I would have promptly mucked that hand; but I was in the BB and there were no raises.

So, I was pleased to accept a free flop. And what a flop it was: 4s-5s-Jc. That gave me a draw to a straight and a spade-flush – a hand worth further investment all the way to the river.

After a round of betting, no raises, four of us got to see the turn. It was the Ace of spades, giving me a straight flush. Wow! At that point, I awoke, and decided to record my poker dream.

With a little imagination, I can readily picture what happened after this – at the very least, what I could hope for. With an Ace on the board, I figured at least one of my opponents had connected with top pair on the board (A-A), and would likely bet out. So I checked my hand, slow-playing and planning to check-raise to build the size of the pot.

The Under-the-Gun opened the betting and was raised by a middle position. A late-position called his raise. I debated whether to continue to slow-play or re-raise with my straight flush, to further build the pot. I reasoned: All three of my opponents were loose-aggressive players, so I was sure at least one or two would call my re-raise, maybe even make it a four-bet. I re-raised, and all three called me. It was a big pot!

The river paired the board with another Ace. Now, a full-house – perhaps Aces-full – was possible. Holding a straight-flush, I hoped someone had been that unlucky. Of course, I came out betting from my BB position. After the UTG called, the middle-position made the big raise. The late-position folded. And, of course, I then re-raised.

The middle-position, without hesitating, raised again, making it a four-bet. With just the two of us remaining in the pot, there now was no limit on the number of raises allowed. We continued raising each other until he ran out of chips. Sure enough, he held Aces-full of Jacks – second-best to my straight-flush. The pot I scooped up was the biggest I have ever been so fortunate to win. It took more than four racks of chips!

But, alas, it was just a dream.