Megakeno progressive keeps rising

Megakeno progressive keeps rising

December 12, 2017 3:10 AM


The 10-spot Megakeno Progressive is now over $2.2 million and rising. Cost is $1.50 per ticket and several casinos in Reno and Las Vegas offer this progressive. In Las Vegas the Plaza, El Cortez, and Excalibur use the better of the two pay tables for this progressive. Progressives for 5 through 9 spots are also available in Megakeno. Current Progressive amounts are at

Station Casinos runs its own progressive among its properties for 6 through 9 spots for $1 per ticket. The Atlantis in Reno has the excellent More to the Meter progressive where 50 cents of each ticket goes toward the progressive. They offer this progressive on 4 to 9 spots. Some of the progressives are $2 per ticket, some are $1.50. The Orleans and Gold Coast in Vegas run a separate $1 eight-spot progressive that starts at $50,000.

If there are any other good keno progressives feel free to email me the link (see address below). Downtown Las Vegas has excellent pays for hitting 7 out of 7, thus let’s look at some 7-spot possibilities. In prior columns I suggested playing all kings as 1 eight and 8 sevens by marking 8 spots. Also in prior columns was a ticket grouped 2-2-1-1 that offered four 7-spots.

But perhaps you just want to chase the 7-spot. Playing the 8 kings you can play just the eight 7-spots. The $1 rate at California and Fremont pay $16,000 for a 7 out of 7.

The Island Rate at California and the Pop 80 rate at Fremont pay $14,000 for an 80-cent 7 out of 7. The Deano Rate at The D pays $7,000 for a 40-cent 7 out of 7 and gives you an added bonus of returning half your bet for a hit of 3 out of 7, making this the best returning low level ticket in Las Vegas. The El Cortez 40-cent rate ticket pays $7,000 for a 7 out of 7. Thus, if you like 7-spots, other than a high progressive, you cannot beat the above downtown casinos for an excellent payout on a solid hit.

Try a grouping of 4-4-3-3, which gives you four 7-spots. A grouping of 4-4-3-3-3 gives you six 7-spots; 4-4-4-3-3-3 gives you nine 7-spots. You can play reduced rates in some of these casinos per way if you have enough ways and the pays are fully proportional to the amount bet. So playing at 20 cents a way where allowed, you win $3,500 for a solid 7.

Please keep in mind that when playing ways, besides the solid hit you will also have a bunch of lesser hits on the same ticket, returning even more money to you. For max fun playing at The D where 10-cent ways are allowed, play 9 kings and play the single 9, the 9 eights, and the 36 sevens for a total ticket cost of $4.60 per game. Hit 7 of 9 and you have a solid 7 for $1,750. Not bad for your dime. Hit eight numbers and you have a huge win as you have an 8 of 9, a solid 8, and eight solid 7s. Power play at its best!

As always, make sure to give in your slot card or keno account number to the writers when playing to get comps for your play, mail or online offers, and tournament invitations as well as being able to get a yearly record of your wins and losses for tax purposes.

If any of you have info on a keno game I have not mentioned in my columns and you believe they offer a good game, feel free to scan and email me the pay books for the casino that you would like me to comment on for this column.

Best to all of you at Keno!