Casino matchbooks show unique history

Casino matchbooks show unique history

January 09, 2018 3:09 AM


Perhaps the least appreciated but most beautiful of casino collectibles, matchbooks and matchbook covers contain tons of information about the casinos they represent. They are sort of consigned to history as the number of folks that use them decline and the number of casinos that distribute them within their facilities shrink.

Nonetheless they are among the finest of casino collectibles as a striking example of fine art work. There are casino matchbooks that have what are called “feature” matches. They are truly works of art and worth collecting. Matchbooks are now designed exclusively with the strike bar/plate on the backside of the book as a matter of safety. 

There are collectors who only will have matchbooks in their collections with a full set of matches; some collectors only collect matchbook covers with no matches in them. There has been some concern over mailing matchbooks through USPS but to date no difficulties have occurred in sending them through the mail.

There is even a club called Casino Matchbook Club and their official publication is the “Gambling Gazette.” If you are into matchbooks and would like to join this club or get more information, you can contact Richard Giardini 4416 6th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80634-1332.

There is also a national matchbook club: Rathkamp Matchcover Society. However, their website ( is programmed in Java, which is not supported by many web browsers, including mine, so it’s not easily accessible. But they do have a Facebook page.

The matchbooks and matchbook covers also come in various shapes and sizes which add to the allure of collecting them. Lastly, the prices for matchbooks and matchbook covers are for the most part reasonably priced and easy to find on eBay and at flea markets and memorabilia shows. All in all, a great and affordable collectible!

Next month we go after tokens!