Downtown such a great area for keno

Downtown such a great area for keno

January 16, 2018 3:10 AM


It seems many players think nothing about having all the numbers covered at a $5 or higher crap table but are reticent in playing more than $5 per game of keno; and some frown even on that much. Thus, the low level and low minimum games available in downtown Las Vegas are made for you.

I like using The D’s Deano rate, which returns on the average 10% more than most other area games and allows 10-cent ways, 40 cents per game and $4 per ticket. Thus let’s see how much bang for our buck we can get for 10 games at 40 cents a game using 10 cent ways.

That means four ways per game at 10 cents per way. We also want a chance to hit it big so let’s try to combine all these requirements in one ticket. Try a grouping of 3-2-2-1 at 10 cents per way playing the one 8, the one seven, and the two 6s. Hit a solid 6 and you get $300 plus a bunch of partial pays; hit a solid 7 for $1,750 and some partial pays.

Hit all 8 and you get $2,500 for the 8, $1,730 for the 7, and twice you get $300 for the two solid 6s, giving you $4,830. If you can bump up your wager to 70 cents a game your 10 games will now cost $7. You can include the three 5-spot groups as well. The dime solid 5 pays $100.

If you want a total action play, bet $1.50 per game or $15 for 10 games as you have 15 ways at 10 cents a way (1/8, 1/7, 2/6, 3/5, 2/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1). You didn’t know you could have this much fun for such a small bet, or did you? Be honest!

Of course, if you want to go for the big money you can walk down to The Plaza or El Cortez and for $1.50 bet on the statewide Mega10 Megakeno progressive, now at $2,255,000 and rising. Take your pick!

Where else but in downtown Las Vegas can you find so many keno games in one area – Plaza, California, Fremont, 4 Queens, The D, Golden Nugget, and El Cortez. Now, that’s a lot of keno and lots of numbers.

While not every casino downtown has 10-cent ways unless you play a lot of ways, they all allow ways for less than $1 with few restrictions. Go for it, elsewhere you may have to risk more but downtown low minimums are the rule rather than the exception. Enjoy!

On top of this at least two of the downtown casinos run their game 24/7, namely California and El Cortez. Fun, fun fun!