Megakeno 10 spot progressive is at nearly $2.3 million and rising

Megakeno 10 spot progressive is at nearly $2.3 million and rising

February 20, 2018 3:10 AM


The statewide Megakeno 10 spot progressive stands at nearly $2.3 million and rising. For $1.50 and picking the right ten numbers the money can be yours. If you are going to play a 10-pot in the dollar range you might as well play the MegaKeno 10-spot.

I was at the El Cortez (which has Megakeno) when someone hit a regular 10-spot for $50,000. You never know.

Anyway, let’s look at some more keno fun with way tickets. We all know that is the way to the ticket counter. Some casinos you need a treasure map to find keno but in the casinos that really promote the game it is usually in an easy location to find.

Today let’s look at another progressive, probably one of the best if not the best in the state, namely the More to the Meter progressive at the Atlantis Hotel Casino in Reno. They put 50 cents of each and every ticket into the meter, thus it rises really, really fast! It is offered for 4 through 9 spots. The 4- and 5-spots cost $2 per ticket and the 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-spots cost $1.50 per ticket. The reset amounts are as follows: 4-spot $400; 5-spot $1,700; 6-spot $3,500; 7-spot $15,000; 8-spot $48,000; 9-spot $90,000.

Last June a guest hit the 9-spot for $1,947,950.99! Yes, you can hit it big in keno!

The Atlantis keno game is 100% non-smoking. That alone makes me want to take the nice daylight bus to Reno to play. The hotel has rooms that look and have the feel of a luxury hotel at mid-scale rates. The restaurants are excellent, reasonably priced, with excellent food. They have some video poker machines that pay in excess of 99% with proper play. All blackjack is 3 to 2 as of this writing. They have non-smoking tables. The Reno Rapid and local bus on Virginia Street stop right by the door.

When not going for the fast rising progressives they do offer nickel ways on their regular and Paradise special rates if you play a ticket for $5 or more. You could play a 10-way ticket at 5 cents per way for 10 games to qualify, a single game ticket with 100 or more ways, or a 5-way ticket at a nickel a way for 20 games. I really like this policy as this way customers of all incomes and all gambling budgets can feel at ease at The Atlantis.

I like the Paradise special rate as more of the winnings go to the higher number of spots hit. Let’s try some tickets at this rate.

The Paradise Special rate is offered for 4 through 8 spots thus there is a lot of room to find some good way ticket plays. There is my favorite of course, an 8-spot ticket grouped as 2-2-1-1 (2 deuces and 2 kings) where you have an 8, four 7s, eight 6s, and 12 fives, a total of 25 ways that will set you back $1.25 per game.

Per the Atlantis 5-cent way rules four games would cost you $5 and  qualify you to play at this rate. However, I would suggest playing 21 games which would give you over two hours of play and cost you $26.25. While the games are running you could enjoy their excellent dining at a leisurely pace. I like this ticket as it is easier to hit a smaller number of spots in a group than a larger number of spots, thus you have a lot of small wins and once in a while you might have a large, or even a very large win.

If you hit even 6 out of 8 in the best way possible (0-2-1-1-1-1 or 2-0-1-1-1-1) you will have scored a solid 6 and four solid 5s. Should you be really fortunate to hit 7 out of 8 as 2-2-1-1-1-0 you will have a solid 7, three solid 6s, and five solid 5s.

Of course, if you hit all the numbers you will have 25 solid hits. A powerful ticket!

Well, what are you waiting for? If you hit a nice win you might then try the progressives as well though make sure to keep a portion of your win not to be used for wagering as you worked hard to get that win (with some luck thrown in, of course!) Are you with me?