Four types of jackpots and what you should know about them

Four types of jackpots and what you should know about them

March 16, 2018 9:41 AM


Standalone Jackpots

Standalone jackpots are a great place to start if you are new to casino gaming. These classic slot machines offer independent jackpots. The amount never gets bigger, and since standalone jackpots tend to offer a lower prize, these types of jackpots also hit more often. After a payout, the prize is replenished in the original amount. If you're looking for a higher chance to win right now, spend some money on a standalone jackpot machine.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

Standalone progressive jackpots are also localized to one machine; however, with each play, a percentage of your wager contributes to a jackpot that continues to rise. The machine typically lets you know the status of the jackpot as you continue to play.

A standalone progressive jackpot is specific to one machine, though, so don't think of getting up until you've played all you would like. Otherwise, someone might swoop in, play your machine, and claim your prize. This jackpot ups the ante of suspense beyond what a standalone jackpot can offer – with higher payouts but slightly lower odds.

Proprietary Progressive Jackpots

If you like the progressive jackpot concept but want to seek a higher jackpot, look for proprietary progressive jackpot games. Sometimes called an independent jackpot, this prize is offered by an individual casino via a cluster of linked machines. Multiple players feed the jackpot with each play, rapidly swelling the prize. It does cost more to play a proprietary progressive jackpot machine, and there is a higher risk of loss, but the payout is bigger and worth a try. This jackpot format, with its multiple machines, also makes a great option if you want to play together with friends.

Wide Progressive Jackpots

The biggest hits come from wide progressive jackpots, typically offered by much larger casinos. Wide progressive jackpots are linked to machines across a city, state, or country. They might even span the world, with online casinos like NetEnt paying out $93 million in jackpot wins around the globe. Keep playing the same machine wherever you are, and you stand ever-greater chances of winning the big prize.

Of course, the higher the stakes, the lower the odds you'll win. The wide progressive jackpot is right for realistic players who like to splurge on a few thrilling high stakes games in their rotation of other jackpot types.

With options ranging from standalone jackpots to wide progressive jackpots, there's a game type that's right for you. Knowing more about types of jackpots will help you to spend wisely – but most importantly, to have fun during your gaming experience.

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