Why online casinos offer free promotions

April 06, 2018 8:34 PM

One of the biggest differences between land-based and online casinos is the promotions on offer. When you go to any casino in the world you will not get rewarded with free chips or spins when you make a deposit. Instead, they will simply give you chips valued at the amount you make a deposit for without any extra for free. When playing at online casinos you will find huge enticing promos such as free money without a deposit and free spins.

Land Based Vs Online Casino Promotions

Land-based casinos tend to offer different promotions to keep punters inside their establishment. These include having attractive dealers, free alcoholic drinks, and food along with VIP perks for those that want to join the high roller tables. Online casinos are not able to offer such perks which is why they focus on offering promotions that tempt players into joining. Top operators such as HolyMoly offer free spins and chips which are available without the requirements of the player making a deposit.

Online Casino Promotions

The online casino space is extremely competitive which is why companies try to out-compete each other with huge promotions. This is great news for players as it means that they can take advantage of the competitive nature of the industry by utilizing all of the free money promos.

Why Online Casinos Offer Free Money Promotions

It is worthwhile for online casinos to make a small loss in return for the player's details. It means that once they are signed up they will be put on the company’s marketing list in the hope that they will deposit real money. This strategy works well and due to the high percentage that ends up becoming regular players, the promotional costs are covered.

Free Money Promotions Limitations

There are also a number of limitations added to the free money promotions to make sure that the casino operator does not go out of business by having to pay out too much money in free promos. When using a no deposit bonus the player will be required to wager a certain percentage depending on the size of the promo. This can be up to 100 x at unscrupulous operators or 10x at reputable casinos.

Casino Terms And Conditions

In a large number of cases, the casino operator will add a clause to the terms and conditions that the player must make a deposit before they can access the winning they made through the free money promotion. The operators do this to help combat fraudsters as it enables them to confirm the real identity of the player. In most cases before withdraw can take place, identity documents must be supplied by the player, so make sure that you have the documents required before using any promotion.


Online casino promotions are a great way to try different platforms without taking any risks with your own cash. You will not get rich by just using these promos due to the limitations stated in the terms and conditions. There are countless free bonuses available that make it possible to make money with having to deposit so if you want to add to the excitement of playing online casinos games, why not give one a try for yourself.

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