Traffic Puma: Playing Wisely Online

Traffic Puma: Playing Wisely Online

June 12, 2018 3:01 AM


Affiliate network Matching Visions has launched a new affiliation company together with Danish permission marketing company Rvnue Apsm named Traffic Puma. Their first product is promptly named:

Wisegambler’s casino information site, or – as the industry previously called it: casino review site. Many review sites have reviews obviously are not written by a real reviewer. Often, the information is outdated and even completely taken out of the air. At they take great care in developing their content, and they update all reviews regularly so that the casino information is correct.

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“This, in itself, is very responsible talking about a casino review site. Note, too, that our reviews mention an online casinos wagering limit. In other words, all the fine print that the casino doesn’t want you to know. We show these, using journalistic methods, making it easier for the user to choose ethical casinos with normal requirements.” Says CEO, Ken Larsen.

Casino Reviews

The Internet is littered with casino “reviews,” also called casino “tests” in some countries. Most of these are written as if it was a real review, although the poor writing quickly reveals that this is just a text that was written quickly to rank for some search terms.

You may call it “fake search results,” but this depends on the usability of the information on the affiliate sites. If the information is valuable to the user, affiliate sites are very welcome.


“We believe that more players will start thinking about responsibility in iGaming and online gambling. We have identified that desire in the market, and we see a shift in the previous content-paradigm for affiliate sites in the iGaming industry”.

Ken Larsen is CEO of Traffic Puma, and he has many ideas about the future of iGaming affiliate marketing. At the moment, he is working on the newly established for the UK market.

“The UK Gambling Commission recently made some key changes in the gambling legislation, and we wanted to make a brand, new site that adhered to all rules perfectly.”

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