Taking a timeout from all day sports for some poker

Taking a timeout from all day sports for some poker

July 03, 2018 3:07 AM


Over the last few weeks, I have played some poker, which is something I rarely do.

I find poker to be very profitable when the WSOP is in town, as most sharps do. However, my problem is I cannot stand the poker environment for any length of time.

The sunglasses, the backpacks, the headsets and personal hygiene are enough to drive someone mad. If you throw in the egos and attitudes with all of that, it is just not the positive mental state I am accustomed to. I have played some of the sit-and -goes, which I feel offer the best value, as well as the least rake, of anything the WSOP offers.

Vegas corporations are no dummies. They have huge tournaments and lure people in from all over the world with visions of grandeur and fame. They make so much money in these events that usually the rake from each guarantees the company will receive some of that first-prize prize money.

In other words, the first prize in a tourney may be a million bucks; and the casino will make that much money in entry fees for that tournament alone, without any risk. Therefore, as long as the people keep coming in to play, good for the casinos. It is just like the Strip casinos that offer 6/5 blackjack. As long as the people continue to play, why change it?

I have also played some poker at the Bellagio over the last few weeks. I feel this year absolutely takes the cake for the best cash games ever. I can’t believe how much money is being thrown around in that poker room. There are literally millions of gambling dollars on the poker tables. I also noticed the staff in the Bellagio poker room is second to none. On the days I was there, two female supervisors working the high-end games and they were sharp as blades.

I have noticed while playing the cash games at the casinos, you are not getting anything as far as a per-hour comp rate on your player card and the drink service is limited. Further, I believe the cash games have the weaker dealers, because the good ones are already dealing in the tournaments every day. Therefore, I would stick to the games in the poker rooms in town.

Not my World: I have to admit I do not know a lot about the World Cup. However, I do follow line moves and just watching an odds screen to get a better price close to game time at Pinnacle has been very profitable. Pinnacle is the industry leader, taking six-figure bets on soccer; therefore, that is where a lot of the sharp money goes. If they have a line of +130 and you can find +140 or better here in Vegas, then it has worked out very well just blindly playing that +140. Again, this is only closer to game time.

In the end, sadly, most of this does not matter. I can talk until I am blue in the face; and 99% of the public just does not want to listen. They do not want to break the cycle of losing. It is almost as if they are waiting to go broke so the pressure of having money is off of them.

You can walk through any local casino and look at the faces on the customers. You would notice this especially on the people playing the video keno machines where the house has up to a 25% edge. They are pure helpless victims.

They really need at a minimum to pick up copies of GamingToday to help choose the better games. At least in the sportsbook, players are given a little more bang for the buck. In the sportsbook, people have the pleasure (or displeasure) of losing their green over a three-hour event, making the money last longer. 

Overview: The Reds cashed in last Tuesday, giving us another nice +150 dog. Let’s continue this trend with a rare opportunity to take the Red Sox as a dog along with the Pirates against Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.