Large progressives available throughout Vegas, Reno

Large progressives available throughout Vegas, Reno

July 10, 2018 3:00 AM


The availability of large progressives in keno gives players a chance to go for a large jackpot by hitting all the numbers on a progressive ticket. These tickets are featured in several casinos around Las Vegas and Reno. The XpertX company out of Reno does an excellent job on many of these progressives both in Las Vegas and Reno.

The list of progressives offered is large and readers are welcomed to inform this column of any not mentioned here. Write to the email address at the end of the column to notify me of more progressives to mention and perhaps feature.

The primary progressives are The “More to the Meter” at The Atlantis in Reno (about 50 cents of each ticket goes in to the progressive) featuring 4- through 9-spot tickets. They rise very fast due the 50 cents per ticket contribution to the jackpot.

MegaKeno is also featured at several casinos in Reno. It offers progressives at $1.50 per ticket for 5 through 10 spots. The 10-spot progressive is the biggie here, currently over $2,395,000 and rising until some lucky player hits it. How about one of our readers being the lucky one?

MegaKeno is currently offered (subject to change) at the Rio, Bally’s, Harrahs, Excalibur, Plaza and El Cortez in Las Vegas.

There are two pay cards used, maroon and blue, as the pay outs for hits less than the progressive are different on each. The blue card returns about 5% more to the player and is used in Las Vegas by Excalibur, Plaza and El Cortez. The latter offers this better game 24/7 for those who do not want a minor thing such as sleep to interfere with chasing the jackpot.

The 9-spot is past $308,000 and the 8-spot is past $92,000. Tickets are $1.50.

Very important: make sure you mark your ticket for MegaKeno when you hand it in to get the progressive payoffs! Use MK on the ticket to indicate you are playing MegaKeno for 5 through 9 spots and M10 for playing the 10-spot. Of course, give in your slot card or account number to get comps, offers, and promotions.

Station Casinos have a good progressive called the Jumbo for $1 for 6- through 9-spot play. The Orleans and Gold Coast offer an 8-spot progressive for $1 that starts at $50,000. Laughlin has some progressives as well.

The Excalibur, Plaza, El Cortez have friendly writers that will help you make sure your ticket is marked correctly, just let them know you want your bank balance to increase by up to $2.4 million. I strongly suggest you have good government ID, including your social security card, with you but keep it in a secure place on your person as you will need to present it when hitting the big jackpot.

By giving in your slot card or account number (different casinos use different tracking methods) you will have good proof of wins and losses come tax time. Please note that winnings are taxable whether or not the ticket you win is over or under the paperwork threshold of a $1,500 net win.

This is where the printout you can get at the end of the year from the casino can be quite helpful. Consult your tax professional on what constitutes a session so you can calculate the net winnings for tax purposes easily.

Now if you are sitting in Las Vegas playing MegaKeno note that you can do way tickets at $1.50 per way. I have played in the past a ticket at El Cortez where I grouped the numbers as follows: 4-3-2-1. This grouping allows you to play all six Megakeno possibilities (5 through 10 spots) on one ticket at $1.50 per way. It gives you a 10, a 9, an 8, two 7s, two 6s, and two 5s, for a total cost of $13.50. Just mark the 10-spot line with M10, and the other lines with MK to qualify for the huge progressive payouts.

The 5  and 6 spots on the blue card start paying at three numbers, the 7 spot starts paying at four numbers, and the 8, 9, and 10 spots start paying at five numbers, quite comparable to regular tickets offered at the majority of keno casinos.

The beauty about Megakeno in Las Vegas is that it does not require a “megawalk” to play. The excellent RTC bus system that runs 24/7 in all casino areas gets you within two blocks or less of all casinos offering MegaKeno. In Reno, The Atlantis has 24/7 bus service right to or across the street from the door closest to keno (spoiled?).

Also, keep in mind that you can play keno while enjoying other games, eating at good casino restaurants or even while sleeping in your room. Thus, as long as you are playing with money you can afford to lose (just in case you do not win this time) enjoy the slow paced game of keno and your striving for the big MegaKeno jackpots. It is well worth searching for these progressives as those casinos that offer progressives are interested in your action.

Have fun!