No Account Casinos Another Step Towards Net Privacy Goals

No Account Casinos Another Step Towards Net Privacy Goals

August 07, 2018 3:01 AM


Few issues surrounding the internet are as hot-button a topic as the idea of privacy and the right to be forgotten online. Indeed, most of us will have noticed the recent surge of “your privacy is important to us” pop-ups on every webpage over the last few months, which are part of a data protection overhaul in Europe.

There is, of course, an argument to be made for and against how our information is used online. For some, the use of cookies and the like improve our experience by tailoring the internet specifically to our tastes. For others, it’s almost scary the way we can be looking at a product – perhaps even on a different device – one minute, then see it pop on a Facebook advert the next minute.

What, if anything, does this have to do with online gambling? Well, many punters feel aggrieved at the fact that registering and, most importantly, verifying an account at an online casino can feel like filling in a passport form. Anyone who has spent time scanning utility bills, taking photos of the front and back of credit cards or uploading passports will know this feeling.

No account casinos on the rise

There seems to be a bit of a tonic to this problem, seen in the rise of no account casinos. The idea is that you make your deposit without registering, then you are good to go. Without an account, winnings can be back in your bank/internet wallet within 15 minutes.  The use of BankID negates the need for filling in all the usual details.  In a simplistic way, you can look at it in a similar fashion to a guest checkout at an online retail store.

Certainly, however, there is a little bit more to it than that. It is through the use of technology plug-ins that we are able to play – and eventually withdraw – without ever registering an account.  The key is BankID, a Swedish electronic identification solution that allows “companies, banks, organizations and government agencies to conclude agreements with individuals over the internet”.  In short, BankID informs the online casino that you are a legitimate person.

Sweden embracing tech solutions that help with privacy

One issue you might face is that playing at a casino without registering may only be possible with an operator outside your country, although it depends on where you live. But, fear not, it is perfectly possible to join and even claim exclusive offers from sites, even if the language used on the site isn’t English. Sweden, for example, a country with liberal gambling laws, is actively embracing the idea of the no registration casino, and you can switch most top sites to English.

Above all, this idea of the no account casino could be something of a game-changer. You can walk into any Las Vegas casino, drop $500 on a game, collect your winnings and leave without ever providing your details. Why should it be different online? Those pushing for players to provide registration will cite a drive against fraud and money laundering, yet the technology is there to stand against it. To be frank, using tech like BankID and, eventually, mobile identity solutions might work a lot better against fraud than a casino employee judging a scanned copy of a passport.

For the moment, it’s worth checking out how you can play, win and enjoy at an online casino with the same sense of casualness as walking into a shop and buying something.

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