Top 9 Keno Strategy Tips to Help You Win the Game

August 15, 2018 12:00 PM


Apart from the lottery-based game of Bingo, Keno is also a highly popular game which is typically available to play literally everywhere. Now, as a lottery-based casino game, you’d probably expect that winning at the game is all down to luck. And while this is quite true, there are several things you can do in order to increase your chances of beating the house at its own game and walk away with the prize with a massive grin on your face. Below we delve into all you need to know about Keno strategy in order to help you win big. Read all our tips & start employing them when playing the game.  Hopefully you’ll be able to bag a huge win!

1)Start Getting to Know the Game by Playing Free Keno Games

Once you’ve managed to acquaint yourself with the game’s simple rules, don’t just dive in head first into a game of real money Keno. Be smart about your gameplay and practice first in order to get to know the game properly. Essentially, there’s no need to deposit money in order to start practicing. Just find a free game to play and practice playing free keno to help you learn the ropes properly.

2)Know Your Odds of Winning

Generally speaking, you’ll be allowed to pick anything from 1-15 spots when playing Keno (sometimes you’ll even be able to pick up to 20 spots depending on the game you’ve chosen to play). Yet, does that mean you should pick the max amount of spots when Keno? No, not necessarily. As any experienced player out there will typically tell you, it’s always wise to factor in the odds prior to placing your bet, otherwise you’ll just be setting yourself up to lose more money in the long run. According to our experts, the safest bets you can place during a game of keno are on 3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10 spots.

3)Play Multiple Cards at the Same Time

The bulk of casinos out there will allow you to place bets on multiple cards at the same time. So, if you’re at the casino to make money, we recommend placing bets on several cards at once rather than just a few. This will better your chances of actually hitting a few spots and walking out with some cash in your pockets.

4)Avoid Betting on Cold Numbers & Bet on Hot Numbers Instead

Although many avid gamblers argue that any number in Keno can be drawn, there are others who play the game that swear by statistics. And according to different statistics that have been compiled over the years, there are certain numbers which are hit more often than others during a game. These are referred to as ‘hot numbers’, while ones which are drawn less often are referred to as ‘cold numbers’. Hence, you should aim to bet on spots which are hit more often than others while playing the lottery-based game of chance. According to studies on the subject, the hottest numbers to bet on at 2,16,44,58,61,66, 67,74 and 78. So forget betting on your lucky numbers and try betting on these instead.


5)Cash in on the Best Keno Bonus Around

The lion’s share of online casinos all offer bonuses on sign up. However, you’ll need to deposit first. Also, before you claim your sign up bonus, you should always make sure that it’s valid to use on Keno in the first place. Otherwise, you would have claimed the bonus for nothing.

Other than sign up bonuses, you’ll also find exclusive bonuses that are game specific. Very often, if you’ve chosen to play a game on the net, internet casinos will launch promotions on certain casino games in order to promote them. Especially games like Keno, which are predominantly based on luck and have a larger edge than other games.

6)Use Multi-Race Cards

Another important Keno strategy tip is to use multi-race cards when you can do so. Basically, multi-race cards enable you to pick a few numbers at once rather than having to pick your numbers over and over again. What does this spell for you? Well, less time feeling flustered to pick your numbers and more time to play your favorite lottery-based game.

7)Manage Your Keno Bankroll Cleverly & Slow Down Your Pace

Something that’s often placed on the backburner by many gamblers is proper bankroll management. And this is often crucial when playing games of chance, like Keno, when at any brick-and-mortar casino or land-based one. Essentially, it’s very important that you don’t place bets that are too large or you might just end up losing a lot of money that way.

Other than managing your bankroll in a smart way, it’s also crucial to slow down your pace when playing Keno. Similarly, to playing Slots, placing bet after bet when playing this game can become rather addictive. So be careful! Our advice to you is to set a few limits for yourself and stick to them. For example: Set a limit for the amount of times you allow yourself to bet every hour.  

8)Measure Your Risk Vs. Your Reward

When playing any casino game, be it online or offline, it’s crucial to measure risk vs. reward. Why? Well, you wouldn’t want to end up risking too much for a small reward now, would you? When playing Keno, it’s always important to remember that this particular game has a whopping house edge of 40%. So, this usually means that you’ll generally lose more often than you actually win at this game. Thus, it’s always better to place smaller bets rather than large bets during this game.  Always keep one thing in mind when it comes to playing it – the casino generally keeps about $40 for every $100 played.

9)Know when to Walk Away

Provided that you start to feeling that it’s really not your day to walk out of the casino cash in hand, don’t fret. There’s nothing at all to worry about. If Lady Luck has ditched you for another player that day, simply save what’s left of your bankroll for another day. You might just be luckier and manage to walk out with the prize.

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