The most popular live poker event of the year – the European Poker Tour in Barcelona

The most popular live poker event of the year – the European Poker Tour in Barcelona

September 07, 2018 3:00 AM


This August the EPT (European Poker Tour) returns in Barcelona. One of the most popular poker events of the year – attracting the biggest poker players from all around the globe. The action started August 21st and will not stop until the 2nd of September. Poker players with all different types of bankrolls will be able to play, with tournament buy-ins starting from €550 up to €100,000!


The European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour was founded in 2004 by John Duthie. His dream was to host the biggest live poker events at the most beautiful venues in Europe. Through the years tournaments were hosted in places like Monte Carlo, Berlin, London, Dublin and Madrid. Letting the tour expand to one of the most well known live poker events in the world. This year the tour is in it’s 14th season and already made two stops – last March in Sochi, Russia and in May the event was hosted in Monte Carlo. And now it’s time for one of the most anticipated stop of the year – Barcelona.


4,348 Players

It’s not hard to guess why the European Poker Tour stop in Barcelona has won so much popularity over the years. The event takes place at the heart of the summer, with Casino Barcelona located just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

This year the EPT in Barcelona will host 34 different tournaments with all different types of buy-ins and structures. One of the highlights will be the €5,300 main event. For the opening event – which took place from August 22nd until the 26th of August – 4,348 poker players layed down €1,100 to play and compete for their share of a combined prizepool of over €4.3 million and a whopping first prize of €547,000.


Winning an event at the European Poker Tour in Barcelona could literally make you a millionaire. But one should be willing to invest some real money first. Besides the €1,100 Opening Event and the €5,300 Main Event, there are actually even more special tournaments – the High Rollers. What’s in a name? To play these tournaments one should be a high roller or lend an extra piece on the mortgage, for the buy-ins of these tournaments are enormous.

To sum it up briefly there will be three €10,300 events played, followed by a €26,000 Charity Event, where a sum of the prizepool will be donated to the Humane Slaughter Association, which is dedicated to minimizing suffering for animals during slaughter. Then the Super High Roller with a breathtaking buy-in of €100,000 will be played. If that is too much for you, maybe you will like the €50,000 High Roller, and to cool things down the European Poker Tour will end with a €25,000 tournament. The prizepools in these tournaments will attract the best poker players in the world, so before you go to the bank for that second mortgage maybe study some poker strategy first!


Winning money in a live poker tournament

Everybody of course wants to win the first prize in a poker tournament. The glory, the trophy and ofcourse the money. But that doesn’t mean all players except one go empty handed. Broadly spoken around 15% of the total playing field comes “in the money”, meaning they will earn some cash. When the top 15% is almost reached we say that the “money bubble” is about to burst. In live poker tournaments this is always a special occasion, because nobody wants to be the last person that doesn’t win any money. This person is called “the bubble boy” (or girl of course). The top 15% of the playing field receives a “min cash”, normally this will be around 1.6 to 1.8 times the tournament buy-in. With every player that gets eliminated the prize money will go up. Until players reach the final table. This is where the real money will be distributed. To put things into perspective – around 35% to 40% of the total prizepool will be won by the top 3 players.


How to enter a live poker tournament

Everybody who is 18 years or older is allowed to play in a poker tournament. The other part is that you bring the money to play. This could be problematic, because poker tournament could get quite expensive. Fortunately there is a broad selection of buy-ins to let as many people as possible enjoy the game. The best poker players play responsibly and only enter tournaments that they feel comfortable playing. By winning tournaments poker players are able to move up and try to beat the higher stakes.

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