Sometimes Razgu pays off big

This past week, I wound up with a truly unique hand. I was playing Deuces Wild and was dealt a Razgu. As I discussed last week, that isn’t the rare part. As I disgustedly hit the “Draw” button replacing all five cards, I was blown away as I was dealt four Deuces and a Queen.

I chuckled as I believe I am on a streak of about 20 straight times of being dealt three Deuces and not hitting the fourth. Instead, the machine decides to deal me the Deuces from a Razgu.

The odds of being dealt four Deuces from the deal is 48 out of 2,598,960. This is one in 54,145 or a little higher than the odds of getting a Natural Royal. In Deuces Wild, this is about 1 in 47,000. In Jacks or better, it is about 1 in about 40,000.

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But then I realized that I was not actually dealt four Deuces on the deal. I got it on the draw. So, there are only 47 cards remaining so the odds of drawing four Deuces from a Razgu is only 1 in 35,673 or a bit more common than hitting a Natural Royal.

Then again, in reality, I was first dealt a Razgu and then got the four Deuces. My overall odds of doing this is in the neighborhood of 1 in 190,000. This sounds almost insane. Yet, the odds of being dealt a Natural Royal is 1 in just under 650,000.

My recollection is that this happened to me exactly once in all the years I’ve been playing. So, there is a good chance that the Razgu to four Deuces has happened before too as I have no idea how many hands I have played over the past 30 years. More than likely, it is hundreds of thousands.

Of course, a relatively small number of these hands have been on Deuces Wild. So, at some point in the past, I may have had a Razgu and got four Deuces, but it was on a Jacks or better machine and not Deuces Wild. With a little luck, maybe it happened on a Double Double machine.

Either way, it probably did not register the way this one did. A Royal is a Royal on any machine. But Deuces are extra special when playing Deuces Wild. 

But here is the part I find most mind-blowing. With all the thousands of video poker machines in the world and all the hands that are played each day. I probably wasn’t the only person who this happened to on the day in question. These incredibly rare and unique events happen every single day. We can only hope that we are one of the lucky ones to have it happen to.

In the end, this is what will determine how close to the theoretical payback we come. These hands account for such a large percentage of the payback and are enough that if we have just a little more than average, we can find ourselves ahead. If we are running cold on these hands, our bankroll will suffer.