More on the ‘big’ tickets of keno

Jan 12, 2010 5:03 PM

16- and 17-spot live keno tickets feature more payoffs

This week we turn our attention to a couple of similar tickets, both of which have a 10-way-8 on them.

The first ticket is composed of 16-spots, with two groups of 3 and five deuces.

The second ticket has 17 numbers, with five groups of three and one deuce.

In general, tickets with more numbers are better to play, so our general rule would say that the 17-spot is at least slightly better to play. In this case though the 17-spot is actually a field ticket, with a "field" of two, so that fact makes the 16-spot a bit more attractive in this case. The point is that the 2-spot on the 17-spot ticket must be hit in order to win substantially on the ticket, but on the 16-spot there are many more combos to create a winner. The difference is not huge though, either ticket is playable.

The biggest question is what do you want to play along with the 8-spots? That’s where the 16-spot shines in my opinion, because it also has a 10-way-5. Keno Lil likes to combine eights and fives since eights and fives are two of her favorite tickets! Both eights and fives are "high end" tickets, in the way that most of the payoff percentage is paid off in bigger winners rather than small wins or "pushes."

So on the 16-spot you can play the 10-way-8 for 10 bucks, or you could play 10 eights and 10 fives for 20 bucks a game (or 10 bucks at half price.) Also quite playable on this ticket are the 10-way-11, the 20-way-9 and the 20-way-7, let your personal tastes and bankroll be the deciding factor.

Though I think that the 17-spot ticket is slightly less desirable to play, you could play the 10-way-11, the 10-way-9, the 10-way-8 and the 10-way-6 for a total of 40 ways (at any rate you can afford) and it will provide you with plenty of winners (probably more small winners due to the six spots) as long as you hit the deuce occasionally. (The deuce does not figure into the six spots so in a way the sixes are independent on this ticket, but of course they do contribute to the larger ways.)

Another interesting strategy might be to play the same 16 numbers on two separate tickets (plus one on the 17) but group them completely differently. (Be sure to play the big ways 8, 9, 10, 11 etc. for no more than 50¢or 25¢ per way on each if you are concerned about taxes.) If you don’t hit, it will be a costly strategy but if you do hit something substantial on your numbers then this dual strategy will increase your chance of something BIG quite a bit.

That’s it for this week. Good luck, I’ll see you in line!

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