Keno Tickets

Mar 16, 2010 4:57 PM

Oddly enough, even numbers get most votes

Many keno players are interested in which tickets are the most popular tickets played. Here are some figures from an actual keno game giving the percent of tickets played for each ticket.

At this typical keno game, six spots are by far the most popular ticket. At this game 28% of the tickets written are six spots, which is twice as many as the number of eights, fours and deuces, the six spot’s closest competition.

It is interesting to note that even numbered tickets make up almost 75% of the total action at the game. This is probably due to several factors.

One, even numbered tickets are easier to play on way tickets; it is a lot easier for a player to design a 28 way six than a 28 way seven, for example.

Two, traditional keno tickets start paying when about half the spots are hit, and on many even numbered tickets this results in higher frequencies of wins. (On many odd numbered tickets, you have to hit MORE than half the numbers to start winning.)

And three, those players who like to play deuces on their tickets can play them on even numbered tickets without having any orphan spots left out.

Of course, there is a solution to this problem: Just keep marking deuces until you have three numbers left, and then "king" (mark one spot groups) for the remaining three numbers.

The three kings will give you a three way deuce, plus the number of straight deuces you’ve marked.

Try this on a nine spot: Circle three groups of two and three kings (1-spots). You will have a 1-way-9 and six deuces. If you play the deuces for 50¢ and the nine for a buck, you’ll have a $4 ticket with a high frequency pay back.

Note that the chart on page 3 refers to the number of times a certain number of spots were played, and it thus does not totally reflect the amount of money wagered on each way.

Many 2-spots are played for half price, and so if we were measuring money wagered, 2-spots would not account for quite as high a percentage of the write.

Similarly, most 20 spots are played for $5, so the money impact of the 20-spot is at least five times the 0.35% figure quoted above.

Nines and 10s were once much more popular than the present, and I think that they will be making a comeback as the size of keno jackpots continue to grow.

Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!