Way 15's

Dec 14, 2010 7:02 AM

This week we turn our attention to way tickets that feature 15-spots.

The 15-spot way tickets have been in my experience unusual. I have only met a couple of players in my keno experience who use them. My own research over the years indicates however that playing straight 15’s (and thus way 15’s) has very similar outcomes to playing 6-spots.

There is the happy advantage of theoretically much larger winners than a 6-spot can provide. In short, there is no reason at all not to play a straight 15-spot or a 15-spot way ticket.

In fact, there are some advantages.

The most straightforward way to play the 15-spot way ticket is by combining groups of 7 with groups of 8. This 45-spot ticket with three groups will produce 3x3 or 9-way-15.

This is probably the best way to play 15, though not especially interesting. The 68-spot with five groups of 8 and four of 7 are both 20-way-15’s and playable in tournaments at 50 cents per way. They should do fairly well.

You can also create some interesting way 15s by playing way 14s using groups of 7 and then adding a single "king " to the ticket. (King is a keno term for "1-spot.")

For instance, take four groups of 7 making a 6-way-14. Add a 29th spot to the ticket, circle it as a "king" (a 1-spot group) and voila! You now have a 6-way-15! This is an old keno writer’s trick.

Since 15 has the two prime factors (5, 3) it is obvious and logical that we can also create way 15s by using groups of 5 or groups of 3. Indeed Pascal’s Triangle applies once again since the groups are all the same size.

Four groups of 5 give us a 4-way-15, five groups of 5 a 10-way-15, etc. Similarly five groups of 3 give us one 15, six groups of 3 a 6-way-15, and 7 groups of 3 produce a 21-way-15. Any one of these tickets comprised of all 5-spot or 3-spot groups are playable and can be fun. Go for it.

I will leave you with a ticket for all you keno nerds. Take 20 numbers and group them 4-4-3-3-3-1-1-1. You now have a 15-way-15. Have fun.

Well that’s it for this week. Good luck! I will see you in line! Contact me at: [email protected]