Straight or simple way tickets, betting 9-spot live keno

Jun 14, 2011 3:00 AM

Since we are investigating ways to make our straight or simple way tickets a bit more interesting it is time to move on to the 9-spots.

Most everyone is familiar with the typical 9-spot combination/way ticket marked with three groups of three, 3-3-3. With this standard ticket comes the 1-way-9, the 3-way-6 and the 3-way-3. Over the years this has been a very popular ticket.

Less popular but still played back in the day was the simple 9-spot with two groups, 5-4, which had of course 1-way-9, 1-way-5 and 1-way-4. Simple, but not terribly interesting until you hit a solid five or four! You can juice this one up a bit by marking three groups, 4-4-1, which gives you a 1-way-9, 1-way-8, 2 -way-5, 2-way-4 and 1-way-1. Play the 9, the 8 and the two fives for a 4 unit ticket.

Also seen back in the day was the combo ticket 4-3-2, that gives a 1-way-9, 1-way-7, 1-way-6, 1-way-5, 1-way-4, 1-way-3 and 1-way-2. Yes one of everything except no 8 or 1, and it costs seven units.

We can move into more adventurous territory by grouping our 9-spots 2-2-2-2-1, which is analogous to the all time favorite eight and four deuces but with a king (1-spot) kicker, making it a nine. This ticket has (if you wish to play them), a 1-way-9, a 1-way-8, a 4-way-7, a 4-way-6, a 6-way-5, a 6-way-4, a 4-way-3, a 4-way-2 and a 1-way-1. At 31 units, this is becoming expensive to play. Sticking to the fives and above cost 16 units, which is twice as affordable.

I will give you one more, as there are too many partitions of nine numbers to cover here. Try grouping your nine numbers as 2-2-2-1-1-1. This one starts to take on the features of a pure king ticket.

The breakout is 1/9, 3/8, 6/7, 10/6, 12/5, 12/4, 10/3, 6/2 and 3/1 for a total of 63 units. If you just stick to a couple of ways, for instance 1-way-9 and 10-way-6, or 1-way-9 and 12-way-5 you can fashion yourself an enjoyable and affordable ticket.

Well that’s it for this week. Good luck and see you in line at [email protected]