Fancy up those keno 12-spots tickets

Jun 28, 2011 3:00 AM

Yes it is true that 12-spots have never been particularly popular among players, even as a straight ticket, let alone as a basis for a fancy combination/way ticket.

I think there are several reasons for this.

One is I think players who want to play a lot of numbers just skip from the 10-spot right up to the 15.

Another is, at times in the past (and even perhaps in the present) some pay rates on 11-14-spots were or are less than optimal.

In other words, the house percentage is sometimes higher on these tickets than on 10-spots or less. It is best practice for the player to find or work out the percentages at any keno game he or she is playing at, for obvious reasons.

But if you find a game that has a good pay rate on the 12-spot it is very playable as a straight ticket. Also, it is every bit as good as a 6-spot with the added benefit of a much bigger theoretical possible win.

As for making way and combination tickets, it is the most flexible of all the tickets. The reason is it has lots of factors: 2 x 2 x 3 or another way to look at it is you can make a 12 using 1-spots, 2-spots, 3-spots, 4-spots and 6-spots.

These are just the straight way tickets.

Of course the 12-spot way tickets like the 6-way-6 (3-3-3-3) and the 3-way-8 (4-4-4) are among the most played way tickets ever, so we can’t forget those.

Occasionally you would see a deuce way 12-spot, 2-2-2-2-2-2 but it was most commonly played as a 1/12 and 6/2, hoping for the solid twos for playing money. Better would be the 20-way-6 on this ticket, a "deuce-way-6."

If you like 6-spot way tickets this is a fairly potent way to play one. Here is the breakout on the 12-spot deuce way: 1/12, 6/10, 15/8, 20/6, 15/4, 6/2.

A nice little split of the 12-spot can be made by marking two groups of three and three groups of two (3-3-2-2-2). This one will produce a nice 6-way-5 among the others. Try the 1/12, 3/8 and 6/5 for a nice 10 unit ticket.

My final suggestion for this week is for the 8-spot players, who played that 4-4-4 3-way-8. Try splitting one of your fours into two deuces. Your ticket will look like 4-4-2-2. You can play 1/12, 2/10, 3/8 and 4/6 for a great 10 unit ticket.

Good Luck and see you in line!