The beauty of 7-way keno is you can play a single coin

March 04, 2014 3:09 AM


Video Keno Keno Betting Tips and Strategies Las Vegas CasinosMost of my columns refer to live keno but today I will focus on an interesting video keno game available in some Las Vegas casinos as well as casinos outside Nevada. The game is called 7-Way Keno.

I have seen the game both for nickels and for quarters. Its basis is you mark your screen (ticket) in such a way that you have a 7-way ticket. The program is set up in such a way that you have to choose the correct amount of numbers for each group.

The game is based on 9 spots. The machine has you choose a group of 2, a group of 3, and a group of 4, giving you 9 total numbers. The interesting feature of marking groups in this manner is you have exactly one ticket for each number of spots from 2 through 9, except for an 8 spot.

To solve that problem, play The Orleans’ $2 Eight Spot Progressive or any where they have Mega Keno for the 8 spot. Also, the Atlantis in Reno has all kinds of progressives, including the 8 spot, and Station casinos likewise have an 8 spot progressive. There are also other good 8 spot plays in Nevada.

But while live keno progressive games are drawn every few minutes, the machine game can be played every few seconds. (Be aware, this does require an adequate bankroll based on the denomination and number of coins you play.) Thus, you get fast action.

With the groupings of 2-3-4 you have one 2, one 3, one 4, one 5, one 6, one 7 and one 9 (all the numbers). The 2-spot is the group of 2, the 3 spot the group of 3, and the 4 spot the group of 4.

The 5-spot is the group of 2 plus the group of 3. The 6-spot is the group of 2 plus the group of 4. The 7-spot is the group of 2 plus the group of 5. The 8-spot you are playing separately in live keno. The 9-spot is all your numbers.

There are advantages and disadvantages of video keno vs. live keno. The main disadvantage is since the games take only a few seconds, your bankroll can be depleted quickly; thus play at a level you can afford.

The beauty of 7-way keno is you can play a single coin (with no penalty for playing less than max coin as all wins are proportional to the number of coins played) and thus all 7 ways will set you back only 35 cents per game if played for nickels. Make sure to insert your slot card when playing as points will rack up fast due the speed of play. This works even better on a multiple point day.

Many casinos have their keno machines adjacent to their live keno game for convenience. There is not yet a way (excuse the pun) to play the way tickets of your choice on a casino machine (you can only play the “ways” they offer) but hopefully this will come soon.

A prior column showed how to use 20 card keno to play ways of 7 to 10 spots by marking each separate card to encompass ways from 7 to 10 spots from 10 numbers when grouped 4-2-1-1-1-1, giving you 1/10, 4/9, 7/8, and 8/6 (before the / is the number of ways, after the number of spots in that way).

Some casinos even have these machines in a no smoking section (ask a floor person or change person for the location).

7 way keno is a lot of fun and when combined with live keno, free drinks (but if ordering alcohol please use public transit or have some one else drive you) and comps from your play make for an entertaining day – and a great day if your numbers come up. Enjoy!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at

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