Multi-game or multi race results in keno ticket bargains

July 08, 2014 3:09 AM


Multi-game results in ticket bargains Any casino will allow you to play at lower levels if you play more than just a few games on a multi-game (often called multi race) ticket.

For example, while you may not be allowed to play a ticket for 25 cents for a single game even some Strip casinos (i.e, Flamingo) will allow a 21 game ticket for $6.25, which comes out to a quarter per game. Combine this with way tickets and you have tremendous bang for your buck as well as fun.

This convenience is great when you are engaged in another activity and still want to be in on the action. There are even places that will allow a penny (one cent, you know that copper coin that you often find in the street) per game if you play enough games.

The “D” (formerly Fitzgeralds) has tickets where for $10 you can play 1,000 games with a pay table available to win $175 for a penny on a 7 of 7. Personally, I will often play the 40 cent rate at The El Cortez for 21 games for some low cost added fun while I am in the restaurant, my room, or even at one of the fun UFC viewing parties there.

By the way, those of you into watching UFC (me) can enjoy your sport at UFC parties all over town, the El Cortez interestingly enough uses the Fiesta room adjacent to keno for their UFC viewing parties.

Now let’s examine some good multi game tickets. I strongly prefer high end tickets as we all want that big hit for a small “investment.” For some reason the odd number of spots seem to concentrate more of the pay at the top end than the even number of spots.

Play the popular 40 cent or 80 cent rate downtown (as discussed in a prior column) for a low of fun ad action. Go for a nice $400 hit by playing a 5 spot or go for the big bucks with a 7 spot that can return $7,000 for an investment of $8.40 for a 21 game ticket. This way, if you see your numbers come up while enjoying your meal you will be thankful for being in the game!

Way tickets work, too. Try groups of 3-3-2-2 at 20 cents a way. You have 1 ten, 2 eights, 2 sevens, 4 fives, and 1 six for a nice $2 per game multi ticket. Spend $42 for 21 games and you have a year to collect your winnings. (casinos usually allow a year to collect on winnings for tickets of 21 games or more and allow 24’ to a week on 20 games or less.

Be sure to check with the keno writer on how long you have to cash in your ticket so as not to be disqualified! Very important to do that.

For the highest return play a 21 game $1.15 special rate at The El Cortez on their 5 spot, an 87.61% return on their 5 spot ticket You get $1.15 (money back) on 3 of 5, you get $22 on 4 of 5 and $1,000 on a 5 of 5, a great return for a low cost keno ticket.

For a slightly lower return (86.46%), play their $1.15 seven spot which returns $1,15 for a 3 of 7 (any places do not pay anything on a 3 of 7,her you get your money back), $3 for a 4 of 7 (most places only give you your money back for a 4 of 7 but here you get over twice hour money back), $20 for 5 of 7, $300 for 6 of 7, and $10,000 for 7 of 7.

The 21 games will take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours, and every 6 minutes or so another chance for your “pot of gold.”, actually pictures of Ben Franklin. This is great action at low cost for an extended period of time.

Think how long 21 X $1.15 = $24.15 lasts at some other games. The odds are not as large as they seem as you have 21 chances for your hits, thus the 40,978 to 1 for a 7 of 7 is approximately reduced to 2,000 to 1 since you have 21 chances to hit the 7 of 7.

For those into MegaKeno, you can play 21 games as well for $1.50 per game, thus 21 chances to catch a progressive for a total cost of $ 31.50 Play at The El Cortez or Excalibur for the best returns on MegaKeno in Las Vegas.

Go out, have fun, and watch your numbers come up!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at

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