Atlantis offers Lucky Number 7 and Parlay 3 keno tickets

August 05, 2014 3:00 AM


The Lucky Number 7 and Parlay 3 are two very interesting promo keno tickets available at the Atlantis Casino in Reno.The Lucky Number 7 and Parlay 3 are two very interesting promo keno tickets available at the Atlantis Casino in Reno.

The first one, which I like (unless the More to the Meter progressive is high), offers a potential $100,000-plus payout, and requires you to pick 7 numbers. You pay $20 and the ticket is good for the next 10 games, which is about an hour of play. (Be sure to ask for Lucky Number 7 or write “L7” on your ticket.)

The pays on the individual games are: 4-of-7 pays $7; 5-of-7 pays $17; 6-of-7 pays $777; and 7-of-7 pays $17,777.

To get over $100,000 you have to hit 7-of-7 for six or more of the 10 games. The odds of 7-of-7 are 40,978-1 for just one game, thus this is something that will be extremely rare (such as the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders winning back-to-back Super Bowls).

The calculation is a bit involved due to the six-or-more feature and the multiple ways you can hit 6-or-more-out-of-10. It involves Binomial Theorem.

First you have to analyze how many ways can you select 6-of-10 when order does not matter. Then, since they pay the $100K on six or more SOLID 7s, do the same with 7-of-10, 8-of-10, 9-of-10, and for 10-of-10 only one way. Hit every game (hint harder than 15-of-15 probably) as you have 40,978 to the 10th power, a number too long to fit on a single line here.

Ignoring the unlikely Mega Hit (7-of-7 six or more times in 10 games) this is simple to analyze. Divide the $20 by 10 and it comes out to $2 a game. Then divide the payouts by 2 to get the amount per dollar paid and run the numbers.

The return comes out to 75.74%, ignoring the unlikely six or more hits of a SOLID 7 in 10 games or any comps earned as a result of your play. This is quite a fair return. It is a good play while you relax and have a good meal at the adjacent Purple Parrot restaurant.

The Parlay 3 promo is pay $5 for a two-game parlay of hitting a 3-of-3 back to back. It pays $5,000 for your $5.

The odds of hitting a SOLID 3-of-3 are 71:1, thus for two games it would be 5,041-1. On average you will pay $5 X 5,042 (5041 likely times to lose, 1 time to win) for a total of $25,210 and get back $5,000, a return of less than 20%. So, I would avoid this ticket.

To get a better return on back-to-back tickets play the Exacta at The Orleans or the Gold Coast as the return on the combined tickets is 78.19% (credit to Michael Shackleford of UNLV and website for these calculations).

In summary, if you like 7 spots the Lucky Number 7 promo is good when the More to the Meter progressive is low, but as it climbs a More to the Meter 7-spot progressive becomes the better bet.

For those of you into progressives check out for constantly updating progressive amounts, game draws, and more keno information and promotions.

The casino offers a weekly mini-tournament every Thursday requiring only $35 in play (you may play more, of course). A regular 24-hour tourney is coming up Aug 11-12 with $500 in play required (you keep every cent you win plus prize money paid to 50 places and a free hotel stay).

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at