How do you keep players in the keno lounge?

September 23, 2014 3:00 AM


Ways to keep players from going away Last week’s column dealt on suggestions to get people in to playing keno, today we shall deal more with keeping them in the keno lounge.

As mentioned previously it makes no sense to allow smoking throughout the keno lounge when 80% of the population does not smoke. People are not just going to sit there and breathe in the toxic fumes from adjacent smokers.

Please clearly define at least 50% of the keno seating area as Non Smoking. If you have a very tiny keno lounge consider making it totally nonsmoking.

Now that we are seated, use comfortable chairs. We are not in school with uncomfortable chair-desks. Have the chair desk (if used) with a large top big enough to read GamingToday, the keno pay books, and still have room to rest your drink or snack.

If wanting to bee ultra-modern, have outlets in the area or, if the desks are fixed to the ground, by the chairs themselves. While waiting for their phones to charge they can play keno. Quite convenient, quite revenue enhancing.

Have a small sign “Keno Chairs for Players Only” to keep the chairs for those playing only. If your casino offers The Gambling Gourmet (El Cortez), food served directly at your machine or table make sure Keno gets included. Perhaps a coupon given for each 20 games played for $1 off your meal? This way the casino makes money from the keno ticket and the food service.

Have wide screen TV’s (if you do not already) visible in the Keno lounge for those to watch sports, etc (great for sports bettors) so the players don’t have to go somewhere else to check the score. A moving sign showing the scores would be good as well. You have expended time and money to get players to the keno lounge. Now let’s keep them there.

Of course players have to use the restroom and hopefully it is close to the keno lounge. If not make sure the rest room is well signed.

Try some personal service as well, even if you do not have runners. If there is a disabled person for whom it is hard to get to the counter then give him or her runner service. This could simply be one of the writers walking over to his or her seat to collect tickets and money and return with the tickets and any wins or change.

Have casino information brochures in the racks where you have the pay books as well such as show and restaurant information. This this brings in revenue, too.

At busy times have a keno person walk through the lounge asking if anyone needs help with writing or understanding the tickets that they want to play. This will actually save time as one person won’t hold up the line with an improperly marked ticket that has to be rewritten.

Have Keno classes with play instruction (especially how to calculate ways) in the lounge for added interest and to entice new players to the game. An offer for those completing the class such as a $5 buffet discount might be appropriate.

Have plenty of future tournament info readily available as well. Sell keno books in your gift shop.

The keno manager and supervisors should make sure that Cocktail Servers frequent the keno lounge as well. If a person has to get up to get a beverage the service is too slow.

Make it so (per Captain Picard) that keno is the most comfortable game in the place. Word will get around and you will have players from all over the Galaxy.


Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at

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