The D has some solid keno odds

March 17, 2015 3:00 AM


Play some Keno at the DThere still is an excellent opportunity for keno in downtown Las Vegas where you can get a return in the 85% range at very low minimums.

The casino is The D and the rate to use is the Deano Rate advertised in one of their brochures as “Simply the Best Special Rate Ever.” Unlike many casino brochures that promise a lot and have loads of fine print, this one is 100% telling the truth. For low level play there is no better rate anywhere except if a progressive gets very high, but as we know, once that hits, the attractiveness of the progressive disappears.

This rate takes the regular pop 80/Island and improves on some of those pays. It is a 40-cent rate with a minimum of $4 per ticket. Dime ways are allowed as long as the ticket price gets to $4 or more. You could write a 10-way ticket at 10 cents per way for four games to get to the $4 minimum. This allows tickets for those who want to play a lot of ways for more action and increased chances to win.

Of course you pay for each way. Usually when you play a ticket of 8 kings, playing the 8s and 7s at minimums, elsewhere it gets too expensive if you also want to play the 6s. There are 28 possible 6-spots from a ticket with 8 kings, thus you have one 8, eight 7s, and 28 sixes, for a total of 37 ways.

To get to $4 on one ticket just play the 8 at 40 cents and the 7s and 6s at a dime. The odds of hitting a 6-of-8 are 422:1. If you play multiple games, in a typical stay you might catch six or even more. The beauty of king tickets is the pays are easy to calculate. If you hit a solid number of spots the remaining ticks are one less hit. Thus if you hit six numbers of the eight you have a solid 6 and the remaining 27 possible 6s, you have a 5-of-6. Of course you have other pays.

Let’s calculate: 6-of-8 at 40 cents that pays $30; two 6-of-7s at 10 cents paying $17.50 for a total of $35; six 5-of-7s at 10 cents paying $1.75 for a total of $10.50; a solid 6 at 10 cents paying $300; 27 5-of-6s paying $7.50 for a total of $202.50. In all, we have $30 + $35 + $10.50 + $300 + $202.50 for $578.

Let’s say we get really lucky and hit 7-of-8, odds being 6231:1. Remember, these are the odds if you just play one game. If you play 100 games your odds drop to about 623:1. The latter is an approximation as you could hit the seven numbers more than once. This calculation would require binomial theorem to get exact odds on hitting seven numbers of the eight from not at all to every game you play.

Let’s see what happens if you do hit 7-of-8 with this ticket. First get out your ID, Social Security card, and dress up yourself for a photo if desired as you are a big winner!

The 7-of-8 at the 40 cent rate will pay $700 (not a bad start!).

The solid 7-of-7 at 10 cents a way will pay $1,750 (that is $2,450 so far and we have a way to go). You will also have seven 6-of-7s at $17.50 each, playing the 10 cent way, for a total of $122.50.

The sixes will be quite interesting. Since we have hit 7 numbers and there are 7 ways to hit 6-out-of-7 we have seven solid 6-spot hits. This will pay 7 times the 10 cent hit on a 6-of-6 which is 7 X $300 = $2,100. Remaining are 21 5-of-6s that pay $7.50 each for a total of $157.50. Thus we have $700 + $1,750 + $122.50 + $2,100 + $157.50 = $4,830.

If you hit them all at odds of 230:114 for a single game, you will have 37 solid hits. The solid 8 will pay $10,000 if played for 40 cents. The eight 7-of-7s being played for 10 cents will pay 8 X $1,750 or $14,000. The 28 6s will pay $300 each for a total of $8,400.

Your total win will be $32,400. Is that enough for you?

Let’s say we are not quite so lucky and hit only 5 numbers in a particular game. While there will be no solid hits there will be a plethora of smaller ones.

The 5-of-8 at 40 cents pays $3. You will have three 5-of-7s (playing at 10 cents per way) at $1.75 = $5.25. You will also have five 4-of-7s at the 10-cent rate paying 10 cents each for a total of $0.50. You will have six  5-of-6s paying $7.50 at the 10-cent rate for a total of $45.

You will also have 22 4-of-6s paying 10 cents each at the 10-cent rate for a total of $2.20. Thus your total pay for hitting 5 of the 8 spots in a single game (Odds 54:1) is $55.95, almost enough (find the other nickel in your pocket) for another 25 games.

Since the special rates pay on 4-of-8, 3-of-7 (not too common nowadays) and 3-of-6, anytime you hit three numbers or more (odds 4:1) you get something back from your $4 game price. Of course hitting 3 gets back less than the ticket cost.

The keno lounge is on the second floor. The D has tourneys from time to time as well. The beauty ofthe above tickets is they have an expected return in the 85% range, the absolute best in Vegas for play at or below the $1 level.

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at

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