El Cortez keno still works at only $2 per ticket

April 14, 2015 3:08 AM


The El Cortez Keno permits the 40-cent rate to be played at 20 cents per way as long as you play 10 or more.Last week we concentrated on getting the biggest bang for our buck using different available rates to have loads of action for $5 per ticket.  Let’s say you only feel comfortable at $2 per ticket. No problem!

The El Cortez permits the 40-cent rate to be played at 20 cents per way as long as you play 10 or more. Play a ticket with groups of 2-2-2-2-1. You have one 9, one 8, four 7s, and four 6s, ten ways at 20 cents each, a ticket cost of $2.

At 20 cents a way a solid 9 pays $4,500, an 8, $4,000, a 7, $3,500 and a 6, $500. When hitting a one way solid you often hit others. If you hit a solid 7, you must also hit a 6, so you win $3,500 + $500 plus several smaller hits. If you hit a solid 8 you also have to hit four 6s for $6,000.

You also have an 8-of-9 for an added $500 and four 6-of-7s at $35 each for another $140. Hit 8 numbers the right way (hitting 2-2-2-2-0) to win $500 (8-of-9), $4,000 (8-of-8), $140 (four 6-of-7s), and $2,000 (four 6-of-6s), a total of $6,640.

Hit everything and you win all 10 ways for $4,500 (nine spots hit), $4,000 (eight), $14,000 (four 7s), and $2,000 (four 6s), $24,500 for your big $2 bet!

Most games you may not be this lucky but hit 5 or 6 numbers of the 9, even the wrong way (not solid), and you still have some nice pays. Say you hit 2-2-1-1-0. You have a 6-of-9, a 6-of-8, two 5-of-7s, two 5-of-6s and a bunch of minimal pays, a win of close to $100. Not bad for a $2 investment.

Hit 5-of-9 and you come out slightly ahead; even 4-of-9 returns a little. If action is what you want, the El Cortez 40 cent rate at 20 cents a way has got it.

The question comes up, what if one of the MegaKeno progressives is high? No problem. Play that number of spots at the MegaKeno rate of $1.50 and the others at 20 cents. It costs more but look at the potential rewards. It is perfectly OK to play different rates on the same ticket. The only qualification is all ways for the same number of spots must be at the same rate.

For example, there are four 7-spots possible on this ticket, thus you must play all seven spots at the same rate. But you can play a different rate or amount for the 6-spots, 5-spots, etc.

Keep an eye on MegaKeno as XpertX has designed the progressive to rise quickly by putting a good amount of the play back in to the progressive meters.

Remember to mark “MK” on the side of your ticket for the ways you do for MegaKeno. Mix the good 40-cent rate with the ever rising MegaKeno progressives for best results. Only the El Cortez has MegaKeno downtown. (Check MK from anywhere at megakeno.com.)

Take a crack at Caveman, Cleopatra, or Multi-card on the keno machines at El Cortez while playing live. Believe it or not you can play keno for as little as a penny per game or way on these machines!

Many players like Cleopatra Keno as if one of your winning numbers is the last ball, and you hit for a minimal win, you get 12 free games immediately with all pays doubled. This is fun!

Put in your slot card to get credit for playing and at live keno ask the writers for a tracking number. El Cortez keno writers Jennifer and Olesya are the nicest and kindest I have seen.

El Cortez also offers 3-to-2 on all blackjacks, 10 times odds on craps, a slot club that builds up comp credit as well as cashback plus has daily offers based on your play. Their promotions and drawings are very strong as well.

One thing I like very much is what they call the Gambling Gourmet – food brought to you as you play at coffee shop prices.

Keno is 24 hours, thus if you are hungry after your trip, you can stop by the Cafe Cortez. Get something to eat, and visit keno which is adjacent to the coffee shop. The different pay rates at The El Cortez is unique.

Good luck!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at PesachKremen@GamingToday.com.

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