20 question quiz to understand keno

June 02, 2015 3:00 AM


It has been almost two years since I have been writing, thus we are overdue for a Quiz. Please answer the questions as best as you can. I shall post the answers next week.

This is an open brain, open book, open notes, open keno writer test so feel free to get help if needed (I cannot give you help as I am not a Phd in psychology or an MD in psychiatry).

The game is closed, so let’s go!

1) How many 5-spots are there in a ticket grouped 2-2-1-1-1-1?

2) If you play a ticket grouped: 2-2-2-1-1, and play just the 8s, 7s, and 6s at 50 cents per way, what would be the total cost of the ticket per game?

3) In the statewide progressives Megakeno and Mega10 how many different spot tickets are available? Please name them by number of spots.

4) What is meant by the Pop 80 rate?

5) How many numbers are drawn in a regular keno game?

6) Will most casinos allow you to play more than one rate (for a different number of spots, of course) on the same ticket for the same game (assuming casino minimums and keno rules are observed)? If so, what is this type of ticket called?

7) What is the biggest keno payoff you have received for one game? (You can only miss this one if you have never played keno.)

8) What was the name of this column prior to its present name, “Crazy for Keno?” Extra credit: Who wrote it? (Asking for pen name used.)

9) Playing an all king ticket of 8 kings, how many 7- and 6-spots are possible?

10) What is a group of two numbers is called?

11) Cleopatra Keno is: (choose the correct answer)

a) The keno game played in ancient Rome named after Cleopatra as it was one of her favorite pastimes.

b) A form of keno invented by a lady named Cleopatra.

c) Maybe you should ask for 50-50 on this one?

d) A popular video keno game available in casinos.

e) A keno game offered at Quark’s Casino.

12) If a casino has an aggregate limit of $100,000 and two players each hit a ticket for $100,000, how much are each of them paid? (Assume the casino ignores the small winners when enforcing its aggregate limit.)

13) How would you group the numbers on a MegaKeno/Mega10 combined ticket to play all the possible ways available for the least cost? Hint: Each way costs $1.50; total ticket price will be $13.50.

14) What feature of the Atlantis Keno Progressives makes them rise so fast? Please be specific in your answer.

15) Which two Las Vegas casinos have the better MegaKeno pay tables?

16) The Atlantis, Peppermill, and Rail City have the best keno games in or near what city? Hint: “The Biggest Little City in The World.”

17) The Golden Nugget, Four Queens, California, Fremont, The D and El Cortez all have live keno in what part of Las Vegas?

18) There are two casinos off the Strip that have a $2, 8- and 9-spot progressive starting at $100,000. Name them.

19) Which casinos have the “Jumbo” progressive (6, 7, 8, 9 spots)?

20) What does keno allow you to do that you cannot do while playing blackjack, craps, roulette, or any other table game?

Bonus for extra credit:

A Hi-Lo ticket is (please choose correct answer):

a) A free keno ticket offered at some casino bars when you buy a highball drink.

b) A 20-spot ticket where you play 1 through 10 as your “lo” numbers and 71 through 80 as your “hi” numbers.

c) An 18-way 10-spot.

d) A ticket that pays if you get all your numbers (“hi”) or none of your numbers (“lo”).

e) Want to go 50-50 on this one?

If you are a keno writer or employee feel free to let me know through the email address below as to how well you did on this quiz and how well you think most players will do. Thanks.

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at PesachKremen@GamingToday.com.