For Turkey Day keno head to Downtown Vegas

November 24, 2015 3:08 AM


Turkey Day keno downtown should be played while enjoying one of the excellent casino Thanksgiving buffets or restaurant specials.

To allow you to enjoy your dinner rather than calculating ways we will show you some straight tickets this week. Here are some ideas:


Play the Island Rate 21-game 5-spot ticket at 80 cents per game, total ticket cost $16.80, for an average return of 82 percent. Have some keno along with your bird, not saying that keno is just for the birds, though. Hit 3-of-5 and you receive 80 cents. Hit 4-of 6 and receive $6. And, hit all 5 solid to receive $800.

The D

Play their Deano Special Rate, the highest return for lower priced tickets in Las Vegas. Play a 40-cent 7-spot for 21 games for a total ticket cost of $8.40. They pay 20 cents on 3-of-7, 40 cents on 4-of-7, $7 for 5-of-7, $70 for 6-of-7 and $7,000 for a solid 7-out-of-7. Not bad for 40 cents a game.


Try the 95-cent 5-spot catch-all special for 21 games, cost $19.95. The progressive starts at $1,000 and increases $25 a day until hit. You must catch all numbers to win. If it is low play you prefer, try the 80-cent Pop 80 rate 5-spot. It has the same pay as California – $800 for 5-of-5, $6 for 4-of-5, $.80 for 3-of-5, a return of 82 percent. The cost for 21 games is just $16.80.

Four Queens

Play their $1.90 Royal special for 95 cents per game for 21 games, total cost $19.95. Hit 4-of-6 to receive $2.50; hit 5-of-6 and get $75; and hit 6-of-6 solid to receive $2,800.

Golden Nugget

Play their $1.25 special rate 6 spot for 21 games, costing $26.25. If you hit 3-of-6 you get $1 back; hit 4-of-6 to receive $3; hit 5-of-6, receive $90 and hit a solid 6-out-of-6 for $3,000, which buys a lot of turkeys!

El Cortez

Play 21 games at their 65-cent special rate for a cost of $13.65. I suggest an 8-spot for a chance at $50K for a solid 8-out-of-8. You receive 65 cents for 4-of-8, $5 for 5-of-8, $30 for 6-of-8, $1,000 for 7-of-8. For a solid 8 you receive $50 Grand.

Turkey keno, go for it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on keno. Email:

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