Head to downtown Vegas for 5 spot keno

April 19, 2016 3:08 AM


Keno Betting StrategyWant a ticket that pays decently but does not have odds that are too long? Try the 5-spot, especially downtown at the Pop 80 rate (Island Rate at the California, Pop 80 rate at Fremont, Deano rate at The D, 40-cent rate at El Cortez played for 80 cents) as the return is at least 82% before comps.

The basic 80-cent ticket pays as follows:

• Catch 3 out of 5 – pays 80 cents (your money back).

• Catch 4 out of 5 – pays $6.

• Catch all 5 of 5 – pays $800. (Odds of catching a solid 5 are 1550 to 1.

Want a better chance, a little more fun with, of course, proportional payouts? Play a six-spot all king ticket, playing 1/6 and 6/5s. This ticket will cost you $2.40 played at 40 cents way. Yes, it costs three times as much as playing a straight 5 for 80 cents; however, with all the added ways to win with the power of the king (a group of one number circles) you might find the cost worth the money.

Playing a six at 40 cents a way pays $1,000 for a solid hit (D pays $1,200). With a king ticket of six kings, any five numbers will be a solid 5-out-of-5 hit. The beauty of kings, any hit is always the most advantageous for the number of spots desired, in this case five.

If you hit 3 out of 6 you get paid 40 cents. You also have hit 3 out 5 three times for 3 x 40 cents, or $1.20, thus a hit of three on this all king ticket will pay you $1.60.

Should you hit 4 out of 6 you will get paid $2 for the 4 out of 6. You will also hit two 4  out of 5s at $3 each (based on 40 cents a way), for $6.

Remaining is a hit of 3 out of 6 returning your 40 cent bet for $1.10. Thus for hitting 4 of the 6 kings you win $2 + $6 + 1.60 for $9.60 total.

Once we hit 5 out of 6 the real benefit of playing kings comes home. You win $30 for the 5 out of 6. You have hit a solid 5 as well for $400. In addition you will have hit five 5 out of 6s. That’s 5 x $3 for $15, thus your grand total is $30 + $400 + $15 = $445, actually very good!

Hit everything and you have a really nice win of $1,000 ($1,200 at the D on their Deano rate) for the 6 out of 6. Since you have caught all the numbers you have six 5 out of 5s, which is 6 x $400 or $2,400, for a grand total of $3,400.

A 6-spot has odds of 7,752:1, 5out of 6 has odds of 322:1, 4 out of 6 has odds of 34:1 and 3 out of 6 has odds of 7:1. Thus, on the average, every eight games you will get something back. Some of these times you will get more than just “something” back.

To go for a bigger hit at the expense of the smaller hits try grouping your ticket as 3-3-2-2. You have a 10, two 8s, two 7s, a 6, and four 5s. Action galore. There are nine total ways at 40 cents each, thus spending $3.60 per ticket.

To make it even, play either the 10 or the 6 for 80 cents and your cost becomes $4 even. You will have all kinds of interesting hits here. Of course if you hit 7 out of 10 the right way you win big. There are two right ways to hit 7 out of 10 on this ticket and 118 ways to hit 7 out of 10 another way.

Still, if you hit 7 out of 10 the “wrong” way you still have a lot of nice partial pays, depending on how many numbers you have hit in each group.

Give the 5-spot a try, combine with six kings if you can afford the wagering level, or even the 2-3-2-3 and enjoy the wins should they come to you.

Best of luck!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on keno. Email: PesachKremen@GamingToday.com