Focusing In On 6-Spot Keno Strategy

July 12, 2016 3:00 AM


A lot of you out there like 6 spots, which is today’s focus. With odds of 7,752:1 if you are a serious keno player you will hit your share.

Please be aware that if you go 6,000 games and do not hit one the odds are still 7,752-to-1 of hitting 6 out of 6 solid. You might hit one the first game or even hit a few of them during a stay.

The 6 spot has many good features. It is not that difficult to hit solid and usually pays a reasonable return. Most pay tables for 6 spots pay from 3 spots and up, giving you at least your money back, on the average, every eight games.

The best 6 spot I have seen is at The D for low level play. It returns $1,200 for a 40-cent bet. Best for high rollers is the $10 SS bet at The Orleans and Gold Coast, which returns $20,000 with decent intermediate pays, though they were downgraded from even better pays about a year ago.

The specific odds are as follows: Hit 3 out of 6, odds are 7-to-1 (usually returns your bet); 4 out of 6 odds are 34-to-1; 5 out of 6 are 322-to-1; 6 out of 6 odds are 7,752-to-1.

The best way to play a 6 spot is to reduce the odds. Try playing 7 kings played as one 7 and seven 6s. This way your odds of hitting 6 of 6 are really the odds of hitting 6 of 7 – 1,365-to-1. Of course you have to pay for all these ways.

If you are at a downtown casino that offers the Pop 80 rate or an equivalent (all do except one), play the 7 and the seven 6s at 40 cents. You have a ticket with a total price of $3.20.

If at The D, using the Deano rate, a solid 6 at 40 cents gets you $1,200. At the other casinos offering 80-cent rates with 40-cent ways the solid 6 for 40 cents will get you $1,000.

Should you just play at The D to get the extra $200 on a solid 6? Generally the answer would be yes, but the other casinos might be giving you an equivalent benefit such as a free or lower priced room, comps, or other benefits that are more important to you than getting a larger pay should you hit a 6 out of 6.

The beauty of playing 7 kings is that even a 5-of-7 hit (odds of 115-to-1) will give you two 5-of-6 hits, which is a decent intermediate pay.

Want to be really aggressive? If you have a place that allows dime or 20-cent ways you could play 8 kings, playing one 8, eight 7s, and 28 sixes. At The D, using 10 cents a way, hitting 6 out of 8 (odds are 422-to-1) would give you a solid 6 paying $300 for your dime.

You also have a bunch of 6-of-7 pays and 5-of-6 pays. Fun, fun, fun!

You might even hit 7 of the 8 and have 7 solid 6s as well as a solid 7 – a great payday even at 10 cents a way!

Keno is fun, do you still have any doubts?

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