Meter 9 progressive still rising at Reno’s Atlantis

July 26, 2016 3:08 AM


The More to the Meter 9-spot keno progressive at Atlantis Casino in Reno is at $1,013,000 and climbing! This is a player return of 89%, very good for keno.

It is approaching the break even point (0% house edge), which is about $1,252,000. Since it climbs at the rate of 50 cents per play (the fastest rising keno progressive I have ever found), it could get to break even or go considerably higher.

On average it takes 1.3 million plays to hit a solid 9. That means, on average based on today’s level, it will hit at around $1.663 million. Remember, you need to get there and play it before someone else hits it!

While you might think the “pros” will try to grab this one, the bankroll required is way too large even for a well-financed group, thus this is an open invitation for any lucky player to try to strike it rich.

The 8-spot was at $171,915, the 7-spot at $27,590, the 6 at $4,629, the 5 at $1,880 and the 4 at $650.

Go to, click on casino, then click on keno to see the progressive amounts and also keno game results. If the progressive is not high enough at the time you are playing consider their Regular and Paradise special rates. Play $5 a ticket and get their Fortune rate for a greater payback percentage.

Go for it with their 10-cent special rate (mark T on your tickets). The pays are concentrated on the high end. Playing high-end keno is more rewarding! These tickets for a dime per game pay nicely – 7-of-8 is $40, and a solid 8 pays $15,000. Compare this to a catch all ticket at one of the Vegas Strip casinos where a Catch All 10-spot pays $15,000, a 3% return. The Atlantis gives you a 71.6% return on the 8-spot dime ticket, which is about 40 times as easy to hit as the 10-spot and they pay on 7-out-of-8 as well.

For real fun play the 10-cent tickets as ways. Play an all king ticket of one 8 and eight 7s at a dime a way, a total of 90 cents a game.

If you hit 6 numbers you will have a pay of $10 as you will have hit two 6-of-7s. If you hit 7 numbers you will have a pay of $40 for the 7-of-8, $35 total for the seven 6-of-7s, and $2,750 for the solid 7, giving you a pay total of $2,825.

Hit the big one, all 8, and you get $15,000 for the solid 8 plus $2,750 for each of the eight solid 7s (8 x $2,750 = $22,000) giving you a toal of $37,000 and you are playing for only 90 cents a game!

Keep in mind Atlantis keno has a nonsmoking area, excellent nonsmoking restaurants, really nice rooms, and an excellent well heated indoor pool. You pay for a casino hotel but you get a resort! Give in your players card when you buy your tickets and you might qualify for free and discounted rooms, offers, and more.

On top of all this the keno staff is always very helpful and supportive, no matter how busy they get. Sue Chau runs an excellent game and is always very helpful as well.

Reno is cooler than many other cities in the state during the summer as well and has an excellent transit system so a rental car is definitely not needed thus more money to try for the progressives or enjoy the excellent food at The Atlantis. If you live in Southern Nevada there is a nice bus ride through the state to Reno and an easy city bus connection to the Atlantis once you arrive.

If in the Bay Area, Amtrak’s California Zephyr is a beautiful ride over the mountains to Reno as well as some added Amtrak train-bus combinations via Sacramento. For those of you from a galaxy far, far, away who come by airplane The Atlantis offers a shuttle to pick you up at the nearby Airport.

There is more keno fun coming. You can play a Regular or Paradise way ticket at 5 cents a way as long as the total ticket price is $5 or more. Options for every budget and a huge unlimited progressive as well. Go for it! It is fun!