Keep after the Atlantis keno 9-spot now over $1 million

Keep after the Atlantis keno 9-spot now over $1 million

August 09, 2016 3:08 AM


Last column we discussed the incredible 9-spot at the Atlantis in Reno. As information, it is now climbing well above $1 million – you should get it while you can!

The 8-spot was headed toward $200,000 (nice for 8 out of 8), the 7-spot nearing $30,000, the 6-spot close to $4,000, the 5-spot speeding to $2,500 (very lucrative) and the 4-spot just shy of $500.

But there is also the excellent MegaKeno and Mega10 progressive in Reno and Las Vegas at multiple casinos in each location, all easy to get to by the excellent public transit systems in both cities. So invest the money you would have spent for that rental car or taxi and go for the big ones!

MegaKeno is a statewide progressive at $1.50 per game or way for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 spots and Mega10 is a 10-spot progressive. Both are administered by XpertX out of Reno, a leader and expert in casino keno systems. I have visited their property and can vouch for their integrity.

You can go to to see all the progressives.

Now if you are in Reno and purchase a day or longer transit pass you can have the best of both worlds! Play the More to the Meter at The Atlantis and the Mega10, MegaKeno also at the other casinos that offer the Mega10, Megakeno games in their lounges.

As progressives get hit there are always other choices available to you such as MegaKeno, Mega10.

With MegaKeno, Mega10 if way tickets are allowed you must play at $1.50 per way. I like the 10, 8 and 6 as a good choice and since they are all even numbers a way ticket is really easy if you have the bankroll required at $1.50 per way.

Play a 2-2-2-2-2 giving you one 10, five 8s, and ten 6s for a total ticket cost of $24. This may well be high for many thus try this as an alternative.

Use a grouping of 4-4-2 – giving you a ten, an eight, and two 6s at $6 per game.

Then play the 9, 7, 5 at The Atlantis grouped as 3-2-2-2 (you will have to put each way on a separate ticket) giving you a 9, three 7s, and three 5s. If the cost is too much, group as 5-2-2, giving you a 9, two 7s, and a 5. 

If in Vegas, explore the regular and special rates for the 9, 7, 5. Downtown pays really well for 7 of 7 in many places.

Mega Keno uses two pay tables for the lesser pays. One is on a maroon card (the lesser pay schedule) and one is on a blue card (the better pay).

Most of Reno uses the better pay schedule and in Las Vegas the Excalibur on the Strip (use the Strip and Mandalay Bay/Excalibur monorail) plus El Cortez downtown. The difference between the two pay tables is about 5%, which is significant.

The beauty about all this is you can check your results anywhere you have Internet access on both games ( and, giving you current progressive levels.

Keep in mind the minimum number of games you must play in order to have a specified time in which to cash in your winning tickets. No two casinos are the same thus always ask so you do not miss out on a big win. Recall the horror tales of those who did not cash in winning lottery tickets on time – the same applies to keno!

The Excalibur game, to its credit, has gone 100% nonsmoking and deserves your business.

Station Casinos have 6, 7, 8, 9 spots and there’s a $2 8-spot progressive at The Orleans and Gold Coast with a free shuttle and city bus 104 running between the two properties.