Nevada Progressives continue to rise

Nevada Progressives continue to rise

September 06, 2016 3:08 AM


The Two Nevada Progressives are still rising, the Mega Keno 10 spot is approaching $2 million and the Atlantis 9 spot progressive is over $1 million.

Time to analyze a new ticket. The El Cortez in celebration of its 75th Anniversary has come out with a 4, 5 and 6 catch-all ticket for 75 cents. If you play the 4 spot you will get $187.50 for solid (this catch-all ticket is one pay for all 4 numbers). If you catch a solid 5 you win $875 and a solid 6 nets $4,375.

How do we compute the house edge?

With a catch all the math is easy. We only have to deal with one pay so let’s start with the 4 spot. The odds of catching a solid 4 are 325:1. Thus on the average you will play about 325 tickets for each solid hit.

You could hit it more or less often than the average. We use the average to calculate the house percentage or player return. Thus in 326 games you will spend 326 X 75 cents or $ 244.50 and receive $187.50 when hitting 4 out of 4. Thus your return is $187.50/$244.50 X 100 or a 77.2% return, which is above average.

For the 5 spot with odds of 1550:1 we do the same calculation. The solid 5 pays $875 and the return is 75.2% (better than most Strip paybacks)

For the 6 spot with odds of 7752:1 we spend $5,814.75. The solid 6 pays $4,375 also for a return of 75.2% (again better than most Strip paybacks).

The beauty of the catch-all is that when you win it is big. The downside is that you lose more.

If you want to go for it all and still get something back if hitting fewer numbers then play this as at 75 cents per way. Since partial pays do not exist use all kings. Playing 6 kings giving you a 6, six 5s and 15 fours for a total ticket price of $16.50 (22 total ways at 75 cents per).

If hitting 4 of the 6 numbers you will have one solid 4 paying

$187.50. A solid 5 pays $875 and a solid 4 at $187.50 each pays a total of 5 X $187.50 or $937.50 for a grand total of $1,125.

Hit all 6 numbers and you have a solid 6, six solid 5s, and 15 solid 4s paying $4,375 (sixes) + 6 X $875 = $5,250 (fives) and 21 X 187.50 = $3,937.50 or a total of $13,562.50

While waiting for your tickets to run, check out the El Cortez new eatery Siegel’s which has terrific reasonably priced food 24/7. They have an absolutely excellent homemade Matzah Ball soup and Chinese food as well. A wonderful place to dine! They have 25 cent Deuces Wild in a couple of machines on the Ogden street sight with a total return of 100.92% with proper play. Close to the cage they have 2 video poker 10/7 double bonus machines that return 100.17 with proper play. There are also plenty of 99% + machines for the quarter player with proper play.

Near the corner of Fremont and 6th they have keno machines with a 98% return (best in Vegas for video keno). The craps machine allows you to play 25 cents with 5 times odds. Keep your bets to the pass, don’t pass, come and don’t come taking the maximum odds allowed and you are getting over a 99.5% return. Add this to the 0.2% from the slot club, frequent offers/promotions and you are actually breaking even or better.

The same procedure works for all tickets. If not a catch all then add up all the pay in an average cycle and figure the return percentage the same way as above.

The following downtown casinos have live keno games (From North to South), The Cal, Golden Nugget, Four Queens, The Fremont, The D, and El Cortez. All 6 have quarter video poker machines returning 99% or better with proper play.

When a casino has Keno, especially downtown, they also will usually have other good games. As in any business check the pay table to find those good machines as well. Check the keno paybook for the best special tickets offered.

For those of you into Video Poker check out my fellow columnist Elliot Frome in this newspaper for absolutely excellent advice. If you live out of town consider a subscription to Gaming Today by mail or online.

The advice will pay for the subscription many times over whether you a table game, slot, video poker, or sports bettor. Go to for further details. Until then find the keno game of your choice and if you win the progressive, let us know.