Finding best spots for keno higher roller tix

Finding best spots for keno higher roller tix

September 20, 2016 3:08 AM


A few casinos in Las Vegas offer what are called High Roller tickets where one makes a larger bet but is rewarded with a higher return percentage. Three of note worth examining are The D (downtown), Gold Coast (east of the Strip, buses 202 or 104) and The Orleans (east of the Strip, buses 201 or 104).

At The D you can play the High Roller ticket, named Chairman of the Board for $5 or more. At the Gold Coast and Orleans you can play their $5, $10 or $25 rate. The $25 rate has even a greater return if you can handle the larger bet size. Since $5 per ticket is more in tune with most of our readers we shall analyze this ticket.

The D’s $5 ticket can be played for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 spots. The 7-spot is not offered at this rate. Perhaps the creator of this ticket had all the numbers covered on the craps table and a 7 was rolled wiping him out, thus he or she was afraid to offer the 7-spot ticket. However, if you like 7-spots (I really do) play just a higher dollar amount on their Excellent Deano rate or good Candyman rate.

The $5 Chairman of the Board tickets at The D have returns as follows:

2 spots - 84%

3 spots - 76%

4 spots - 81%

5 spots - 82%

6 spots - 80%

8 spots - 81%

The 3 through 8 spots offer lesser pays for catching less than all your numbers. The 8-pot even gives you your money back for catching nothing (0 numbers). Personally, on this pay table I like the 4- through 6-spot tickets for the following reasons.

The 4-spot pays $5 for catching 2 of 4 (your money back), $12.50 for 3 of 4, and $800 for a solid 4. It would be a good ticket to play while enjoying their fine coffee shop also on the second floor not far from the keno lounge.

Normally casino restaurants cost less than restaurants in non-casino venues, thus use the difference you are saving to invest in a keno ticket.Try a $50 investment for a 10 game ticket (The D allows tickets of 10 games or more to be cashed in up to 360 days after they are played) and go for the Green.

The 6-spot pays your money back for 3 of 6 ($5), pays $12.50 for 4 of 6, $450 for 5 of 6 and $12,500 for 6 of 6, thus a lot of good paying options for you. If you want to try for an easier win, sacrificing the super payday, try the 4-spot. If you want to try for the big one but don’t mind lesser pays if it is not hit, compromise with the 5-spot, which gives you your money back on 3 of 5 ($5), pays $37.50 for 4 of 5, and $5,000 for a solid 5.

If you do like 7s as I do, play their Candyman Special at $5. It pays $5 for 4 out of 7 (your dough back), $75 for 5 of 7, $875 for 6 of 7 and a whopping $87,500 for 7 of 7. A longshot, yes, but I have been at casinos when it has hit (Not by me though).

Of course, not to leave out the casual or low rollers you still have the best rate in town. The D’s Deano rate returns an average of 85% on most tickets and requires much lower minimum bets.

You say you like way tickets? No problem! As long as the ticket price – whether you get there by playing enough games or ways or a combination of both – is $5 or more, play the ticket for as low as a penny a game if you like. I once hit a solid 7 on a 999 game ticket and it paid $175.

Now for the good news. We are planning a contest to give away a free 90-day online subscription to GamingToday. The details will be finalized and published in a future column. Meanwhile, I am always in search of good keno tickets and promotions to write about and let other readers know as well. If you come across what you feel is a good ticket, paybook or promotion, please scan the information to an email to the address at the bottom of this column.