Bravo for Boyd Gaming's keno progressive thinking

Bravo for Boyd Gaming's keno progressive thinking

October 11, 2016 3:00 AM


The Orleans and Gold Coast (both Boyd Gaming properties) have changed some of their keno offerings so check on how to use them in a manner that contributes the most to your play.

The big change is instead of having a $2 Eight or Nine Spot Progressive starting at $100,000 they both have a $1 Eight or Nine Spot Progressive starting at $50,000. Thus, the odds and probabilities remain the same.

The lower cost should make it easier to play for the progressive if bankroll is an issue. Their aggregate limit is $100,000 but it does not apply to the progressive amount.

Here’s how it might work. Let’s say the next debate is at The Orleans and while waiting to debate both Hillary and Donald decide to play for the progressive along with Gary (Johnson)and Jill (Stein).

Mr. Trump is sitting in the right side of the lounge and Mrs. Clinton is sitting on the left. Jill and Gary are sitting at the machines behind the keno lounge.

The game is drawn and both Donald and Hillary hit 8 out of 8. Meanwhile, Gary and Jill each hit 7 out of 8. The progressive at the time is at $75,000.

Since there is a limit of $100,000 payout per game, excluding the progressive, technically everything other than the progressive is paid on a pro-rated basis except for the amount over $100,000 that Hillary and Donald will split. They would each get less than $50,000 (we have to pay Jill, Gary and the other small winners as well).

Based on past casino history, most casinos will pay the smaller winners in full and only divide the amount over $100,000 between the big winners. Thus both Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Stein get their $1,500 each for hitting 7 out of 8. The other small winners get the same $1,500 if they hit 7 of 8; they get $75 for 6 out of 8, and $5 if they hit 5 out of 8.

Donald and Hillary both get the first $50,000 of the progressive as the total is within the $100,000 aggregate limit (not counting the smaller wins as these are usually ignored). This leaves $25,000, which is the amount of the progressive over its reset value of $75,000. They will split the $25,000 and get $12,500 each thus Hillary and Donald will each get $62,500 ($50,000 base plus 50% of the progressive, which is $12,500 each).

Now let’s say we have a third winner of the progressive in the name of Barack Obama. This will change the picture quite a bit. We now have total of three large $50,000 wins (not counting the progressive or the smaller wins) and we are $50,000 over the aggregate limit.

Thus the three wins totaling $150,000 can only receive a total of $100,000 before the progressive is paid. Barack, Donald and Hillary each get $33,333.33 as their base win and 1/3 of $25,000 for the progressive or $8,333.33 for a total of $41,666.66 though the casino may round it up or down to the nearest dollar.

Both the Gold Coast and The Orleans offer a Hot $10 Ticket with a lower house edge to reward players willing to bet higher amounts. This is offered for tickets from 3 to 6 spots. If you are going to play at least $10 per game this is a much better deal than the regular rates as the payouts are proportionally better.

They also both feature Catch All tickets in which you have to catch all your numbers to win but you are rewarded with a considerably higher payout. Playing for $2 you get $110 for a solid 3, $500 for a solid 4 and $2,500 for a solid 5. This is a very useful ticket for tournament play where big wins get you into the prize money and the smaller wins get you a seat to watch the big winners getting paid.

The Gold Coast and The Orleans also offer the 190-way 8 spot as low as a penny a way where you win $1,000 for a solid 8, $10 for 7 out of 8 and $1 for 6 out of 8. The ticket costs $1.90 at a penny a way. It is an interesting play.

I have personally seen three solid groups of four pop up in a game, which would result in three solid 8s being hit in one game, assuming you bet the numbers that get hit. (It is very important that the numbers drawn match the numbers you are playing!).

They also offer the 20 spot, 16 spot and the Edge ticket.

Way tickets can be played on these progressives but to play accordingly in realizing the $100,000 aggregate limit may limit your wins but if you hit the progressive that should be enough, right?

For example, play 3 groups of 4-4-4, giving you 3 possible 8s for a $3 per ticket investment; or play 4-4-4-4 at $1 each for the progressive (6 possible ways) and the 16 spot for $5 making it $11 per game. I would play the 16 in case you get a scattered hit such as 3-1-2-2 (pays $50 for 8 of 16 plus other small pays on your 8-spot ways).

If all of the above does not make for an exciting game, email me.

Gold Coast and Orleans have a free shuttle between their properties and to the Strip every half hour on a daily basis. The No. 104 and 201 buses serve Orleans and the No. 104 and 202 go to Gold Coast. Nos. 201/202 run 24 hours, No. 104 goes early morning to late evening. This bus also serves the South Strip Transit Terminal to connect with other local buses, Megabus, and the daily Amtrak bus to Bakersfield, connecting with the San Joaquin Valley Train.