Four spot can work for a conservative keno player

December 06, 2016 3:10 AM


How many spots should I play??? Let’s examine this concept; it depends on what you are trying to win.

Let’s say you are in the restaurant and want some action while you eat. I like the 4-spot as it pays in one of five games on average, is not that hard to hit SOLID (just over 300:1) and is easy to use for way tickets.

Play one 5 and five 4s and you will have good action during your meal. Play at 50 cents a way or lower if allowed and you get a lot of action for very little. Hit just two numbers and you get something back.

Let’s give it a try, using the common pop 80 rate from downtown (Island at California, 40-cent at El Cortez, Deano at the D, paying a little more). We shall play the 4s and 5s at 40 cents way.

Thus 2-of-4 pays 40 cents, 3-of-4 pays $1 and a SOLID 4 pays $60. For the 5s, 3-of-5 pays 40 cents, 4-of-5 pays $3, and a SOLID 5 pays $400.

The ticket of one 5 and four 4s will cost $2.40. Thus if we hit two numbers we have three different 2-of-4s paying 3 x 40 cents or $1.20.

If we hit three numbers we have a 3-of-5 paying 40 cents. We also have two 3-of-4s paying $1 each for a total of $2.

Finally, we have three 2-of-4s paying 40 cents each for a total of $1.20. The grand total is $3.60.

Catch four of the five (odds 83:1) and you get paid $3. You will have one SOLID 4 paying $60 and four 3-of-4s paying $1 each for a total of $4. Total pay this is $67.

Hit 5-of-5 (odds 1550:1) and you get $400 for the SOLID 5 plus $60 for each of the four SOLID 4s, giving you a total pay of $640.

The same logic can be used for any all king tickets where you play a set of numbers and then all the ways of hitting one number less than the set.

As you may be aware, I very much like playing one 8 and eight 7s for the possibility of a really large win while still having a small win for hitting fewer numbers. At 40 cents a way you have a ticket cost of $3.60.

If you play this ticket at a place that pays a high top-end payout for a 7-of-7, even at 40 cents a way you can have a huge win.

It is much harder of course to hit 7-of-8 than 5-of-5 but when you do you win a lot. An 8-of-8 (long odds  at 240K to 1) pays $64,000 (remember the TV show The $64,000 question?); 7-of-8 pays $600, $7,000 for the one SOLID 7 and $70 for each of the seven 6-of-7s for a total of $490.  Thus you have a total win of $ 600 plus $7,000 plus $490 – $8,090. Not bad for not hitting all your numbers.

Even 6-of-8 gives you some play money as you get $30 for the 6-of-8,  $70 for each of two 6-of-7s, and $7 for each of the six 5-of-7s for a total of $212.

As we have seen above and mentioned in prior columns, playing kings is a very powerful strategy. Hope it will work for you!