Keno progressive nears $2M

Keno progressive nears $2M

December 20, 2016 3:10 AM


The 10-spot MegaKeno is almost at $2 million; the 9-spot at the Atlantis in Reno is over $1.2 million. This is your opportunity to hit it big.

The Excalibur has a non-smoking keno game and uses the better MegaKeno paytable on the Strip. The El Cortez downtown also offers the better MegaKeno paytable and has half of the keno lounge non-smoking. If you are in Reno get on over to The Atlantis and play for the best 9-spot keno progressive jackpot in history!

I received an invitation to a keno tournament at The Orleans. I was offered for a $500 buy-in a chance at a share of $10,000 in prize money, three free nights, a small gift, and some free buffets. A great deal! I’ll let you know what happens if I enter.

How should one play in a tourney – be like the late Vince Lombardi, “Winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing” or just try to have fun?

In theory one should play as few numbers as possible for an amount that, if all hit, would put you in the lead (see Stanford Wong’s excellent book, “Casino Tournament Strategy” for more details on how this is done). But monitoring the play of others on the list may not be your idea of fun.

I think you can do both. It costs part of your chance at winning but it is more fun. Besides if you use pure strategy you either win it or lose most of your buy-in trying. I greatly prefer not to go home nearly broke most of the time. Thus I compromise; I play tickets that give me a chance to place in the money but still go home with some money if I do not place.

There is a question as to whether or not the 8- or 9-spot progressives are allowed for play in the tourney. Check the rules when you get your packet and play accordingly.

One suggested ticket is just play eight 7s as an all king ticket, playing the eight for $1 (if allowed in the tourney as this is for the progressive; if not play the same eight numbers on a non-tourney ticket for $1) and the 7s for 50 cents for a ticket cost of $4, or $5 if the $1 eight-spot progressive is allowed in tourney play. If you hit 7 of 8 you have a big winner.

If you hit all 8 you have almost certainly won the tourney. The 7 at 50 cents pays $5,000 for a solid and doing it 8 times wins you a measly $40,000. Of course you also win the 8 either as a tourney or non-tourney item from $50,000 plus the progressive. And, you get prize money as well, first place paying $4,000. If you hit 7 numbers you get 7 of 8 which pays $1,500 for your dollar, $4,000 for your 50 cent solid 7, and $200 for each of your 7 six out of sevens.

Thus you get $7,900 and whatever prize money you win, $4,000 for 1st, $2,000 for 2nd and so forth.

Hit just 6 of 8 you get a few hundred dollars, hit 5 of 8 you get some money as well. Keep in mind that when you hit 6 of 8 you also hit 2 six out of 7s and 5 five out of 7s. Hit only 5 out of 8 you still hit 3 five out of 7s and 5 four out of 7s. Not a lot but every little bit helps.

The Orleans runs a free shuttle to the Gold Coast and the Cromwell (Strip). Bus No. 201 on Tropicana goes right to the casino 24/7 and the No. 104 Arville bus connects to the South Strip Transit Terminal if you are traveling by Amtrak bus or Megabus to California.

Annette runs an excellent keno operation with a very good staff as well. If you can make the tournament, go for it. The level of comps will depend on your prior play but even newbies will get to share in the prize money, get buffet comps, a small gift and at least casino rate on the room.

An inexpensive fun vacation whether you are an out of towner or a local! Enjoy!