Nearing the $2 million keno milestone at Atlantis Reno

Nearing the $2 million keno milestone at Atlantis Reno

January 03, 2017 3:00 AM


As we enter 2017, the 10-spot Megakeno progressive jackpot was approaching $2 million and the 9-spot More to the Meter progressive jackpot at The Atlantis Reno was nearing $1.25 million.

How should we approach keno in MMXVII? Here are a few tips:

• Bet only with money you can afford to lose.

• Know the game well. The local library is a great place to increase your keno knowledge and at the same time do the right thing for the planet. Use your time on public transit to increase your knowledge of the game. If you have a smart phone there are some good keno apps you can try while your driver or engineer worries about the traffic and road or rail conditions.

• Know the math behind the games. Today’s discussion will start with Keno 102. I will assume you have passed Keno 101, which is writing and playing a simple straight ticket. Keno 102 will consist of way tickets.

Put simply, a way ticket is nothing more than playing multiple tickets on the same ticket. Let’s say you are trying to win the progressive 8-spot at The Orleans or Gold Coast. The progressive starts at $50,000 and increases until hit, then resets to $50,000.

If you catch 5 of 8 you get paid $5, catch 6 of 8 you get $75, catch 7 of 8 you get $1,500 and if you catch all 8 you win the progressive at whatever amount it is at the time, which is at least $50,000.

Let’s say you would like to increase your chances. Let’s play 12 numbers instead of 8 and if you catch these 8 of your 12 numbers the “right” way you win the progressive.

For those into the math, it’s catching 8 numbers solid in each group making up the 8 numbers you are playing. Let’s use 3 groups of 4 (A, B, C) as they will show on your ticket prepared by the keno computer printer at the casino. Group A are the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Group B is 57, 58, 59, 60 and Group C is 77, 78, 79, 80.

Any selection of 12 numbers has the same chances, but for simplicity using the above numbers as the example. Instead of writing out three separate tickets, you mark all 12 numbers on the same ticket. You then circle all the numbers of each group. Thus you have three groups of circled numbers on your ticket.

On the margin of your ticket you then write 3/8 @ $1, which means 3 groups of 8 at $1 each. You can play the group of 12 (the entire ticket) as well and also mark 1/12 @ $1. If you want you could even play each of the group of 4s but doing so would add $3 your ticket price.

When playing ways you are required to play all possible ways of the number of spots you wish to play. Thus while you are not required to play the 12, the 8s and the 4s, you are required to play all the 8s if you choose to play 8s and 4s. I suggest you play the three 8s and the 12, the latter giving you coverage in case you get 8 of the numbers but not the right solid way.

There are 495 ways of hitting 8 out of 12 with three being the right way and 492 being the wrong way. Do not be distraught as 8 of 12 pays $200 and, depending on how the numbers are scattered among the three groups, you will have some good pays for 6 out of 8 and 5 out of 8 and perhaps even 7 out of 8.

Make sure to give your slot card or account number when handing in your ticket to get the comps your play deserves. As a courtesy to all have your ticket(s) ready before you get to the front of the line. Do not smoke in line or at the counter.

If you have a good win and are ahead for the day as a result please show your appreciation to the keno staff with a tip. For your records I suggest keeping your losing tickets and making an offline copy of your winners. (An offline ticket is a copy of the ticket made by the writer showing a ticket you played on a particular game since they will collect any ticket on which you win, regardless of the amount).

Please be aware that all wins are taxable or your net win for the session whether there are reporting requirements for paperwork or not. The IRS is well aware of the number of smaller wins in relation to your one reportable win (simple probability) and showing only losing but no winning tickets to back up your return is not advised.

Best of luck to you, and now that you know the “way” to play – go for it!