Atlantis Reno a top stop as keno jackpot continues to grow

Mar 21, 2017 3:10 AM

As I write this column the Atlantis Reno 9 stop progressive is over $1,311,000 and the Mega Keno statewide 10 spot is over $2 million. Will one of our readers be the one to hit either of these giant progressives?

Let’s look at some more way tickets to chase progressives. If way tickets are not allowed just write out separate ones for each possible way, as is required for the Atlantis “More to the Meter” progressive. If you have not yet played Keno at this popular Reno casino this is your best bet. 

The return until the progressive is hit is at 100% and climbing on the 9 spot. The Keno lounge is non smoking to allow you to play in comfort and you might hit the big one! Take 4 groups of 3 and play 3 on each ticket. You then have 4 ways to hit a solid 9 that will cost $1.50 per ticket or $6. 

You will get paid off any hit of 5 spots or more. If you feel the 6 spot is high enough to warrant your play, with 4 groups of 3 there are also 6 six spots that increases your investment by $9 per game. So for $15 per game you have double action going for the 6 and the 9s. 

In Las Vegas you have the MegaKeno better pay tables at The Excalibur on the Strip and the El Cortez downtown.The Megakeno allows way tickets at $1.50 a way thus try a 1-2-3-4 grouping. This gives you one Mega 10, one 9 spot, 1 eight, 2 sevens, 2 sixes, and 2 fives for a total ticket cost of $13.50 per game.

Take the time to read the pay books at the casinos as they tell you not just how much is paid on each ticket for the various tickets, but specials available, minimum requirements for way tickets (minimums and maximums) and rules applicable to that particular casino. They also give examples of way tickets helping you understand how they work.

If you still have difficulties calculating ways just go up to the counter and ask for help.You need not remain in the keno lounge while playing and for multi game tickets (Multi-race) you have a time allowance for redemption of winning tickets. Usually this will vary from 24’ for tickets for a small number of games (often up to 20) and up to a year for tickets of 21 games or more. 

This information is always in the keno pay booklets, thus be aware as you play as you do not want to miss out of a big win by being late! I cannot emphasize this enough, know your keno rules for the casino where you play, especially time limits for cashing out tickets!

At the Atlantis you have 3 days (72 hours exactly) to redeem tickets of up through 20 games and 365 days to redeem tickets of 21 days or more. Please, if it happens to be a leap year with 366 days, I suggest you still redeem within 365 days not to lose out.

At The El Cortez you have 24 hours for tickets of up through 20 games and a year for tickets of 21 games or more. The Excalibur also allows a year to collect winnings n tickets of 21 games or more. Check with them to see what their policy is on ticket redemption for tickets of 20 games or less. 

These rules are subject to change thus always ask before you leave the counter if you plan to redeem your tickets other than after the game(s) for which they are written.

Always give in your slot card or keno account number to get maximum credit for your play. Casinos love regular players and are willing to reward you accordingly with comps, but they need to know you are playing.

Before you leave the counter make sure your slot card number or account number shows on your ticket. This information is also useful in that this way the casino can give you a statement of wins and losses for you to use at tax time. Check with your tax professional for details.

Good luck at picking the same numbers as are drawn!