More ways of attacking Mega10

More ways of attacking Mega10

March 28, 2017 3:10 AM


The two big progressives keep rising. Currently the Atlantis casino (Reno) 9-spot progressive is at $1,320,000 and rising and the statewide MegaKeno Mega10 (10-spot) is at $2,049,000 and rising.

Let’s examine some more ways to hit the Mega10. Try grouping as 4-3-4-3-4-3, marking a total of 21 spots. You have three 4s in the group and three 3s. With groups of 4s and 3s the only way you can make a 10-spot is to use one 4 and two 3s.

Thus you have three ways for the one 4 as there are three groups of 4 to choose from, and you have to use two of the groups of 3 with your chosen group of 4 to make your 10-spot.

Since there are three groups of 3 from which to choose, two groups to make a 4-3-3 ten-spot, you now have the number of ways solved. As Mega10 costs $1.50 your total ticket cost is $13.50 giving you nine ways to hit $2 million plus.


If not a fan of threes and fours then try 5-5-5-5. Any two of the four groups make your 10-spot. From four groups choosing two for each 10-spot results in six ways to make a 10-spot. At $1.50 per way your total ticket cost is $9.

If you are afraid of getting a scattering of your 10-out-of-20 hit add a 20-spot play to your ticket. Most places offer a special 20-spot for $5; some allow you to play it as $2.50. This way you are covered for both solid and scattered group hits.

The Rio, Bally’s, and Harrah’s have a new pay book out. While many tickets are the same as the old pay book, the following are of interest. The Rio offers the MegaKeno/Mega10 games in addition to many special tickets.

Perusing the Rio’s new pay book, I like their Par 3 ticket. You pay $5 for a 3-spot. If you hit two of your three numbers you get your $5 back and if you hit all three numbers you get $250. For lower play levels I like their two-bit menu where you play 25 cents per game for 21 games for a total ticket cost of $6.25,  about two hours of play. Strangely, this is offered in 5 through 10 spots just like MegaKeno and Mega10.

Play groups of 4-3-2-1 and you have a 10, a 9, an 8, two 7s, two 6s, and two 5s. At 25 cents a game your game cost is $2.25, and with the required 21-game play for this kind of ticket your 21-game cost is $ 47.25 for two hours of great entertainment with a chance at some really good wins.

The pays for the solid hits for each number of stops are as follows: solid 5 pays $200; solid 6 pays $500; 7, $3,000; 8, $10,000; 9, $13,000; 10, $25,000.

These are not catch-all tickets and also pay for lesser hits, thus I suggest this ticket for low level play.

You have two good options here. Go for the big money with MegaKeno/Mega10 at $1.50 per way or for lower level play and a lot of fun as well go for the two-bit rate of a quarter per way.

The Rio allows seven days to collect on tickets of 20 games or less and a year for tickets of 21 games or more. Their keno lounge is open for day and swing shift. Their pay book has a lot of useful definitions. If you are new to keno in a casino I suggest you read these definitions. They have definitions for Straight Tickets, Way Tickets, Ways, Combination, and Kings, all quite helpful and used frequently in talking about keno.

If you are going to one of their restaurants I suggest the Par 3 ticket for $5 a game for a ticket that is easier to hit and gives money back on the small hit and $250 on the solid hit.

Give in your Total Rewards card for each game you play to get comp credit. Check your tickets for accuracy before you leave the counter. The Rio offers more than one keno game, each one has a separate color designation.

Make sure you tell the keno writer which game you wish to play. Read the rules and take a look at way ticket examples in the pay book to get an idea how way tickets work if this is new to you. Until next time, best of luck to you!