Sam's Town a perfect place for the keno player

Sam's Town a perfect place for the keno player

May 02, 2017 3:00 AM


Currently the Mega10 Megakeno 10 spot is over $2 million and rising. Their 7 spot has exceeded $30,000 and rising as well. 

The Atlantis Reno 9 spot progressive is also over $2 million and rising. The Atlantis now has an App where you can check the progressive and watch the games as they are run. Plenty of fun. 

Today’s featured casino is Sam’s Town, easily reached by the 24 hour Flaming bus 202 or the 24 hour Boulder Highway Express (BHX) from downtown as well as the 115 Nellis bus. In addition they feature their own free shuttles to and from downtown and the Strip. Keno is 50% non-smoking and they have a bunch of good tickets. 

Of note they pay 1/2 your money on catches of 3 out of 7 while still paying a respectable $12,000 on a solid 7 spot $1 ticket catch. They also pay on 4 out of 8 and 4 out of 9 returning your bet in both instances on their regular and Pop 80 rates.  Their way ticket and multi game minimum ticket amounts are low and comparable to Downtown Las Vegas.  Thus you can have a lot of fun here at keno on a small budget.  

Using their way ticket minimum of 20 cents per way using the Pop 80 rate at a minimum of 10 ways per game leaves some nice $2.00 ten way tickets giving you a really nice bank for your $2 bill. It is OK to use 2 one dollar bills, coins or higher bills to buy your tickets as well as a $2 bill. 

Most popular and easy is a way ticket grouped at 2-2-1-1 giving you a 6, two 5s, three 4s, and four 3s.  You should get a lot of small hits on this one while waiting for your bigger solid.  For $5 a ticket and to go for larger wins you have a grouping of 2-2-1-1-1-1 giving you one 8, four 7s, eight 6s, and twelve 5s at 20 cents a way. This is also a good tourney ticket as there are many ways to hit it big while still getting frequent smaller hits to get some return.

If you just want a simple straight ticket to play while doing something else such as eating, 24’7 non-smoking bowling downstairs from the casino with a visible keno board, seeing a show, or just gambling try their regular 7 spot ticket for $1 a game. Play 21 games or more and you have a year to collect your winnings. For tickets of fewer games they still give you 7 days. On their regular 7 spot you get half your dollar back for hitting 3 of 7, your dollar back for hitting 4 of 7, a double sawbuck for hitting 5 of 7 ($20), $200 for hitting 6 of 7 and $12,000 for hitting a solid 7.  

Their pay book has some interesting way ticket examples. I like the King’s Special. Note that you can play this ticket for lower or higher amounts and at different special rates. I like playing eight 7s at the pop 80 rate playing just the 7s for a total ticket cost of $5.60 per game. Since you will hit the $100,000 limit on a completely solid you do not need to play the 8s. However, there is also the 8 play at the regular Rate, the 8 for $1 and the 8 sevens at 50 cents each for a total ticket cost of $5.00 a game. Hitting everything solid nets a $78,000 win.

Sam’s Town has a good keno game that is easy to get to with excellent bus service, very reasonably priced buffets, and low limits. It might be the place for your keno play. Good luck to you!