Value with 60 cent way at The D

Value with 60 cent way at The D

May 16, 2017 3:10 AM


An interesting week in keno. The 8-spot progressive at the Atlantis hit at $424,000, not bad for a $1.50 bet! Still, we have the 10-spot statewide Mega10 Megakeno now at nearly $2.1 million and rising, and The Atlantis Casino Reno 9-spot approaching $1.4 million.

Keno progressives are definitely not boring!

In past columns we have concentrated a lot on the dime and quarter per way player. Perhaps you are willing to spend up to $1 a way as you want to go for a five figure payout. The higher number of spots will have this even at very low levels but if you would like a five figure payout ($10,000 and up) betting more will allow you to get there with better odds.

If you find a good low level ticket or rate (Dean Rate at The D for example) just bet more per way. Playing at 60 cents at the Deano Rate a 7-spot would get you $10,500 for a solid hit.

Let’s look at some 60-cents-per-way options to get you that big hit. 

Play eight kings. A king is a single circled number on a ticket or a group of one. It looks like 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Play one 8 and eight 7s. Since The D allows as low as 10 cents a way provided the ticket costs as least $4, you can play a single ticket at 20 cents for the 8 and 60 cents each for the eight 7s, making the total ticket price a nice round $5.

If hitting at least 7 of the 8 you have a five figure win. You get $350 for the 7 out of 8, $10,500 for the solid 7 and $52.50 for each of the siven 6 out of 7s that you also hit. Thus your total win is $11,217.50.

Now if you hit all eight solid you win $5,000 for the solid 8 and $10,500 for each of the eight solid 7s for a total of $89,000. Hitting 6 of the 8 numbers gets you $15, $52.50 for each of two 6 out of 7s and $1.75 for each of the six 5 of 7s for a grand total of $130.50.

With the Deano rate at The D even paying on even 3 out of 7, albeit half your bet, you still do get part of your bet back. Thus you will get a lot of action for your $5 bet about 6 to 10 times an hour depending on game speed. The overall payback on this rate is about 85%, the best in Las Vegas for low and moderate level tickets.

Plus, betting $5 a game the comps should build up as well. Just remember to give your players card to the writer for every ticket purchase.

Thus go for it. A five figure payout is within reach playing keno for no more than the standard minimum craps or blackjack bet and you are at risk only 6 to 10 times an hour. It doesn’t get much better than this, a very real limit on losses and the possibility of a very large win.

You are not tied to a table, just give in your ticket. Of course check with the keno writers or the pay books on how long you can wait to redeem winning tickets. Make sure you comply with the deadlines of course.

If you play this at The D it is OK to play over your head there as the keno lounge is on the second floor.

If you want to chase the Megakeno Progressive for a shot at $2 million plus for a solid 10 out of 10 the two best places are the Excalibur on the Strip and the El Cortez downtown, as their pay book for lesser hits is the better of the two for Megakeno. If you are in Reno play that big 9-spot progressive.

Great games all over, go for it!