Playing Five-Spot Keno Cards Gives A Player Great Odds

Playing Five-Spot Keno Cards Gives A Player Great Odds

June 06, 2017 3:00 AM


The Megakeno statewide progressive 10-spot is approaching $2.1 million and the Atlantis Casino in Reno’s 9-spot progressive is over $1.4 million.

Today I shall focus on 5-spots. The 5-spot pays well with very reasonable odds. On the average you hit a 5-spot solid about every 1,551 games. Over a stay of a few days it becomes a reasonable goal. The casinos typically pay anywhere from $720 to $1,000 for a solid 5-out-of-5 for your dollar bet. On the 80-cent rate featured in a few casinos in downtown Las Vegas the pay is $800 for a solid 5.

Personally, I like the following all king ticket to hit a solid 5: Play six numbers, all kings (a single number group). At 80 cents way you have a 6 and six 5s for a total ticket cost of $5.60. If you hit 5-of-6 you have your solid 5. However the odds of 5-out-of-6 are only about 325 to 1. Thus over a multi-day stay, playing several hours a day, a hit of 5-of-6 is quite likely.

You might even hit all six (odds 7782:1) and really hit it big. If you hit five numbers, you also have a 5-out-of-6, and five 4-out-of-5s for an 80-cent wager. Thus you get $60 for the 5-of-6, $800 for the solid 5, and $6 for each of the five 4-of-5s for a total of $890.

Hit all six and you win $1,000 for the solid 6 ($1,200 if playing at The D), and $800 six times for each of the six solid 5s you hit for a total of $5,800. The odds of hitting a 4-of-6 are about 35 to 1, thus you will probably hit that several times during your stay. You would be paid $2 for 4-out-of-6, $6 twice for your two 4-of-5s and 80 cents for the four 3-of-5s you will hit for a total of $17.20 or three times your bet back.

Hit 3-out-of-6 (11:1 odds) and you still get something back; 80 cents for the 4-of-6 and 80 cents each for the three 3-of-5s for a total of $3.20. Thus you get back more than half your bet.

Want something a little wilder? Go to 20 cents a way if allowed and play seven kings for the 5s, 6s, and 7s. You would have a 7, seven 6s, and 21 fives with the total ticket cost being $5.80. If you want, play the 6 at 40 cents while the other ways are at 20 cents giving you a $6 ticket.

If you hit all 7 (about 41,000:1 odds) you also hit seven 6s and 21 fives, winning very handsomely. Hit 6-of-7 (odds a little more than 1300:1) and besides the one solid 6 you also get paid for 6-of-7 and six 5-of-6s.

You also get paid for six solid 5s and 15 4-out-of-5s. Hit five and you have a solid, a 5-of-7, two 5-of-6s, and 20 4-out-of-5s.The odds of a 5-out-of-7 are about 115:1, not too bad. You still get paid for hitting four or even three numbers.

Thus you see the true power of the king ticket. Keno played at a way rate that you can afford, you can get some really nice wins and a lot of action. Hope it works for you!

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