Progressives still have our interest

Progressives still have our interest

June 27, 2017 3:10 AM


The MegaKeno statewide 10-spot progressive is well over $2.1 million starting the week and the More to the Meter 9-spot progressive at The Atlantis Casino in Reno is heading toward $1.5 million – a return of over 100% until it gets hit. Each of these high progressives costs $1.50 per ticket or per way.

Let’s look at more way ticket possibilities for regular and other special rate tickets while you are waiting for the progressives to come in.

The Atlantis offers an interesting 10-cent rate. The payouts are based on hitting all of the spots or almost all of them, thus this is a good way for a relatively large win for just a dime per ticket or per way.

Let’s take a detailed look at the pay table. Catch 4-of-4, win $23. Catch 5-of-5, win $110. Catch 6-of-6, win $540. Catch 6-of-7, win $5; 7-of-7, win $2,750. Catch 7-of-8, win $40 and catch all 8 solid to win $15,000.

Through the proper use of ways you can get paid for any hit of 4-spots and up, if caught the right way. Confused? An example should suffice. The cheapest option is using grouping of 4-2-1-1. This would give you two 4s, two 5s, two 6s, two 7s, and an 8, which at 10 cents way would give you nine total ways, costing you 90 cents per game.

There is a 50 game minimum on straight tickets but since this is a way ticket you will probably be allowed to play just six games as this would put the ticket over $5. Check with the writers at the counter for details. The return at this rate is around 70%, very reasonable for such a low per-ticket or per-way rate.

Being that the payouts are concentrated at the high end you will win more when you win and lose more when you lose. Since you are only risking 90 cents a game most will find this a good way to play. Meanwhile, with all the excellent restaurants at The Atlantis you can’t go wrong.

For a little more action and a little more money try a grouping of 2-2-2-1-1, giving you an 8, two 7s, four 6s, six 5s, and six 4s for a total of 19 ways and $1.90 per game. Meanwhile, do not forget to go for the $1.50 More to the Meter progressive 9-spot to try for the big money as well. The Atlantis has low cost weekly tournaments as well as larger tournaments several times a year. Using your slot card when buying your tickets will earn you nice comps as well.

To chase the big bucks with a 10-cent-a-way ticket use 8 kings and play the 7s and 8s. While most games there will be no return, when you  do hit, you will hit it big. This will cost you 90 cents a game as you will have an 8 and eight 7s per game. Hit 6 of the 8 and you will get back $10 for your two 6-out-of-7 hits.

Hit 7-of-8 and you will win $40, $35 for the seven 6-out-of-7s that you will hit, and $2,750 for the solid – a grand total of $2,825. Hit 8 solid and you will win $15,000, plus $22,000 (8 x $2,750) for the eight solid 7-out-of-7s, agrand total win of $37,000!

If you want to play the 6s as well, it would add $2.60 for the 28 possible 6s you can make using all eight kings. You would still have to hit at least six numbers to get paid, but if you did you would have a $540 win. Hit seven, and besides the win for 7-out-of-8 and the solid 7, you would also have seven solid 6s at $540 each. Again, the power of the king ticket!

Best of luck!