Atlantis pays out $1.94M 9-spot keno progressive

Jul 4, 2017 3:00 AM

The news came from that a guest from California caught all nine numbers to win the 9-spot Keno Progressive last week taking home $1,947,950.99!

To win nearly $2 million is quite a hit. Can it happen again? Of course. The statewide Mega10 (Megakeno) progressive stands at more than $2.1 million and continues to rise. Play $1.50-per-game way tickets at $1.50.

In the early days of keno many tickets were 11 spots, where you had to hit 10 of the 11 for the big win. Well, this strategy can work today as well. Write out 11 kings (single number circled groups) for 11 ways to hit a 10-out-of-10. At $1.50 per way it will cost you $16.50 per game. This will reduce your odds from 8.9-million-to-1 to 945,180-to-1 to hit a 10-out-of-10.

The progressive 9-spot that just hit in Reno had odds of 1.3 million-to-1 thus this is a little easier to hit (playing an 11-way 10). In order to fund the progressive the pays for lesser hits are less than regular tickets but still can be a good win.

Let’s say you hit 9 out of 11 (odds 35,243-to-1, a little easier than hitting a solid 7-spot). You will not go home broke. You will have two 9-out-of-10s paying $7,500 each and nine 8-out-of-10s paying $1,000 each for a grand total win of $24,000.

Of course you will be saying forever, one more number, and cursing your missing number that would have won you $2 million plus instead of a measly 24 grand. Oh well, they call it gambling, don’t they?

Moving along, let’s say you hit eight numbers of the 11. That gives you three 8-of-10s at $1,000 each and eight 7-of-10s for $100 each for a grand total of $3,800. Odds of hitting 8 out of 11 are 2,430-to-1, a little less than twice as hard as hitting a solid 5.

Thus, again showing the power of the king ticket. You may ask, why not also play the one 11 as well? You can if this is offered and this way you will win more. Play it for $1 and see if it is worthwhile for you.

Megakeno can be Megafun. Progressives are great and the beauty is they are plentiful. The best well-known progressives are the Mega10 and Megakeno statewide (5 to 10 spots offered), the More to the Meter at the Atlantis (4 to 9 spots offered), and the Jumbo Progressive in Vegas at Station Casinos (6 through 9 spots offered). They all tend to rise in an exponential manner, as the higher they get the more play they get until they are hit.

Thus, go for it, you might be the next big winner… best of luck!