MegaKeno progressive nearing $2.2M!

MegaKeno progressive nearing $2.2M!

August 15, 2017 3:00 AM


The 10-spot MegaKeno progressive keeps climbing. It is now at $2,144,000 and will continue to rise until hit. For $1.50 you can win it all. Hit 5 out of 10 and you get your $1.50 back; hit 6 out of 10, get $10; 7 out of 10, $100; 8 out of 10, $1,000; 9 out of 10. $7,500. If you hit all 10, the $2M-plus is all yours.

You can also try Megakeno for 5 thru 9 spots and find the better of the two paytables for lesser hits in Las Vegas at the El Cortez, Plaza, and Excalibur. 

If you are a typical blackjack or craps player you will wager $5-$15 (allowing for double downs, splits, and odds) many times in the course of an hour, thus spending $15 for a keno ticket with games about 6 minutes apart would be a similar level.

Today we shall try a new grouping – a 5-3-1-1, giving you a 10, two 9s, an 8, a 7, two 6s, and two 5s at $1.50 per way (game), $13.50 per ticket, giving you a shot at all the progressives.

Being that keno is a long shot game, big wins may be rare but when they come they come BIG! If you hit 5 or more numbers you will get something back and if you hit them the right way, such as 5-0-0-0 or 0-3-1-1, you will catch the 5-spot progressive. Should you catch a 6-spot progressive you also will have caught the 5-spot progressive. If you catch a hit of 5-0-1-1 you will catch the 7-spot progressive, two 6-six spot progressives, and a 5-spot progressive. Catch the 8-spot progressive (5-3-0-0)and you catch also the 5-spot progressive. Catch a 9-spot progressive (5-3-1-0 or 5-3-0-1) and you also catch a 6-spot and 5-spot progressive as well.

Catch all 10 and you have a SOLID 10, two SOLID 9s (the first pays at progressive amount, the second at reset amount), a SOLID 8, a SOLID 7, two SOLID 6s (first at progressive amount, second at reset amount), and two SOLID 5s (first at progressive amount, second at reset amount). Make sure to give in your slot card or account number as you play as at this level of action you will be comped quite nicely.

Mega10 (the 10-spot progressive) and Megakeno(5 thru 9 spots progressive) can be checked for amounts at any time by going to

The company who runs Megakeno, XpertX, does an excellent job allocating a nice amount to all the progressive meters thus they do rise at a good rate. The 10-spot is paid over 10 years with the initial payment within three days of the hit, then a payment each year on the hit anniversary for the next 10 years. You may opt for a one time present-value payment based on the Federal discount rate on the date the win is validated. Consult with your tax professional should you be so lucky as to be in this situation.

Of course you will win smaller amounts with partial hits that should help keep you going toward that big win. Bet only what you can afford to lose and enjoy yourself with these six exciting progressives.

The progressives start at $1,100 for the 5-spot, $3,000, for the 6-spot; $15,000, 7-spot; $50,000, 8- and 9-spot, and $1 million for the 10-spot Mega10 progressive.

The 6-spot has the greatest hit frequency in that a catch of three or more pays you. The 10-spot has the most types of smaller pays paying on a hit of 5 or more spots. The easiest to hit SOLID of course is the 5-spot with an average SOLID hit frequency of once in 1,551 games.

Are we having fun yet? Watch those numbers come up on the board, they may be yours!