Our mega-shot at progressives

Aug 22, 2017 3:10 AM

Last week we discussed playing all the progressives, from 5 through 9 spots in MegaKeno. However, sometimes due to a more restricted gaming budget or a feeling that the progressive is not high enough for a particular number of spots, you may choose to play only for some but not all.

The beauty of playing way and combination tickets is that while you must play all ways for a particular number of spots you need not play all possible number of spots.

For example, if you have groupings of 3-3-3 you have a 9, three 6s, and three 3s possible. If you choose to play the 6s on a way ticket you must play all three 6s; however, you’re not required to also play the 9. We can use this methodology for playing way tickets to go for the Megakeno Progressives in this manner as well.

Checking today the Megakeno Progressives are as follows:

5 spot – $1,186 (reset $1,100)

6 spot – $ 4,350 (reset $3,000)

7 spot – $ 16,881 (reset $15,000)

8 spot – $ 54,443 (reset $50,000)

9 spot – $263,284 (reset $50,000)

10 spot – $2,144,685 (reset $1M)

As you can see, the 5, 6, and 8 are relatively close to their reset value percentage wise while the 6, 9 and 10 have risen noticeably. Thus we can group our ticket accordingly and only go for the 6, 9, and 10 spots at the progressive-required play amount of $1.50 per way.

The simplest and cheapest ticket would be a 6-3-1 grouping, giving you a 6, a 9, and a 10 for a total ticket cost of $4.50. However; if you hit the 6 and the king (single number group) you will have a solid 7. I would play the 7 as well, making a total ticket cost of $6.

Let’s say you are willing to spend a little more to increase your chances. Group as 3-3-3-1 and now you have a 10 (got to go for that $2M of course), a 9, three 7s, and three 6s for a total ticket cost of $12.

You could skip the 7s thinking the 7-spot is too close to the reset value and save $4.50 per ticket but if the solid 6 group comes up and the King comes up I would not want to be in the vicinity of your behind that you kick for saving $4.50 to lose $12,000 by not also playing the 7s.

The best pay tables (there are two for the intermediate hits on 5 through 9 spots that participating casinos use) in Las Vegas are at the El Cortez and Plaza downtown and Excalibur on the Strip. The better pay table gives you $1 back on a 3-out-of-6 hit while the poorer pay table does not, thus play at the above three casinos for their better paybacks.

Make sure to give in your slot card or account number to get comp credit as you play, then you can enjoy the game even more at the excellent eateries available in most casino hotels while you watch the keno game board from the restaurant or buffet. Since all eateries in Nevada must be non-smoking by law this will add to your enjoyment as well. The best of both worlds, eating well and watching your numbers come up. Can it get any better? You be the judge!