Mega 10 closing on $2.2 million

Mega 10 closing on $2.2 million

September 05, 2017 3:00 AM


The Mega10 MegaKeno progressive is approaching $2.2 million. To play it requires $1.50 per game. We know the odds are about 8.9 million to 1 to catch all 10 numbers on a single straight ticket, but if you are willing to spend more using a way ticket you can substantially lower the odds.

The simplest example would be to use three groups of 5, which would give you three ways to hit the big one and cost you $4.50 per game. If you catch two groups of 6 solid you have hit the big one. Of course if you feel the 5-spot is high enough to be worth playing (it starts a $1,100) you could also play the three 5s, which would raise your total ticket cost to $9.

As mentioned in prior examples, you could play the 1-2-3-4. This allows you to play all the progressives at once. Plenty of fun. This ticket gives you a 10, a 9, an 8, two 7s, two 6s, and two 5s for a total cost of $13.50, giving you six progressives in action.

What a bang for $13.50! And don’t forget the partial pays for lesser hits. Also, you might hit more than one progressive. If you hit a solid 8 (which would be a hit of 4-3-0-1), it would also give you a solid 7 and a solid 5 hit. This is the true power of way tickets.

In Las Vegas the Excalibur on the Strip (buses The Deuce, SDX, 201, WAX), and Main Street Station and the El Cortez downtown (all downtown bus routes) use the better of the two pay tables for MegaKeno. Excalibur has the added comfort of having totally non-smoking keno.

There are two other excellent progressive systems in Nevada. One is the Atlantis Casino in Reno, which runs its own progressive called More to the Meter where 50 cents of every ticket goes to the progressive resulting in very fast rising of the pay outs. They recently had a huge hit on their 9-spot for close to $2 million.

Station Casinos in Las Vegas runs their Jumbo progressives tied to all their properties thus they move up nicely as well. The Orleans and Gold Coast run an 8-spot $1 progressive starting at $50.000.

 Keno progressives is a great way to go and get more for your buck! Playing a grouping of 6-2-1 would get you action on all four progressives at the Station properties with a 6, a 7, an 8, and a 9. Splitting up the 6 into two 3s such as a ticket of 3-3-2-1 gives you three 6s, a 7, an 8, and a 9. At $1 per ticket (way) this would cost you $6 per game, giving you a lot action for your “investment.”

Well, keno progressives are a lot of fun and really rewarding. Let me know how it works for you. May the balls fall for you!

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