MegaKeno going up, up, up to over $2.1M

Sep 26, 2017 3:00 AM

The 10-spot Nevada Statewide Progressive for Megakeno is currently at $2,176,000 and rising. It costs just $1.50 to play.

In previous columns I have mentioned Megakeno 5- through 9-spots that carry two different rates for less than a SOLID hit. Today we discuss the significance of these differences.

We shall use the 6-spot Megakeno Progressive as an example. The better pay table (pay card is blue) and the lesser paytable (pay card is maroon) are:

• Catch 3 out of 6 – blue card pays $1; maroon no pay.

• Catch 4 out of 6 – blue card pays $4; maroon pays $5.

• Catch 5 out of 6 – blue card pays $100; maroon pays $100.

• Catch all 6 – both pay the progressive in the same manner and amount.

It would seem that getting $1 more when you catch 3 out of 6 would not mean much as you get $1 more on 4 out of 6. But this does make a big difference due frequency of hits. The odds of hitting 3 out of 6 are 7-1, thus every eight games playing with the better pay table you gain $1 on the average. On the other hand, the odds for 4 out of 6 are 34-1, thus you lose $1 every 35 games with the blue card paytable.

 Putting these both together you have a net loss of about $6 every 35 games. Since many keno players will play many games and many ways to catch this progressive, this is important for longevity of your bankroll. As information the Excalibur, Plaza, and  El Cortez use the better blue card paytable.

This situation exists on the progressive as well. On the blue card a 4 out of 5 pays $1.50 while it only pays $5 on the maroon card. The odds of hitting a 4 out of 5 are 82-1, thus every 83 games you are better off by $6.50. That $6.50 pays for another four games thus is definitely significant.

The 8-spot shows a noticeable difference as well. On the blue card rate you get paid $10 for a 5 out of 8 catch while on the maroon card you do not get paid anything for a 5 out of 8 hit. On 6 out of 8 the maroon card rate pays $75 while the blue card rate pays $100. They both pay $2,000 for the 7 out of 8 and the same amount for the SOLID progressive hit. A 5 out of 8 has odds of 54-1, thus every 55 games you are about $10 better off with the blue card rate.

 On top of this, being that the odds of 6 out of 8 are 422-1 on the average, using the lesser rate you will average 423 games between pays, quite a dry spell. Of course casinos that use the lesser pay table may have features that make playing there worthwhile in other ways such as nicer rooms, better food, games in the area you desire, etc. but from a gambling bankroll point of view best to go for the places that have the lowest house advantage.

Today’s way ticket example is using groups of 3-3-3-2-2-2, giving you nine possible ways to make a 10 for a total ticket cost of $13.50. As interest, if you want to, also play for the 5- through 9-spot progressives if you feel they are high enough. Remember, you need not play all possible number of spots but once you play a particular number of spots you need to play all possible ways for that number of spots, meaning for example, you may desire to play for the 9-spots but not the 8-spots. That is OK but if you choose to play the 9-spots you must play all possible ways to make a 9-spot.

Thus in this ticket there are nine 10s, four 9s, nine 8s, nine 7s, four 6s, and nine 5s. Thus, a lot of possibilities here to get Megakeno action. For the latest progressive update go to Good luck!