MegaKeno Progressive stays hot at $2.3 million at going up

Dec 26, 2017 5:10 PM

The statewide MegaKeno 10-spot progressive is approaching $2.3 million and continuing to rise. Just $1.50 per ticket gives you a chance. To me this seems better than the state lotteries as you can win more with also better pays for hitting some of your numbers.

We have had discussions of playing way tickets, especially with eight total numbers. Since you might be playing for the Megakeno big one, let’s see what you can play while waiting for the big one to hit. El Cortez is a favorite place to play this time of year as they show more diversity than any other casino by avoiding background music directed to only one holiday, a pleasant relief.

Their 40-cent rate works well for way tickets. As an example, a solid 7 returns $7,000 for a 40-cent bet. The only regulation you need be aware of when playing 40-cent keno is the $2 minimum per ticket. This can be reached either by playing at least five games on a straight ticket or playing five ways or more at 40 cents per way. Let’s say you will choose 10 numbers for your $1.50 Megakeno 10-spot progressive, but also want additional action for lesser hits as well.

Play your Megakeno ticket for 10 spots and for the remainder of your play try a grouping of 4-3-2-1 at 40 cents a way, giving you a 9 (the 10 is already covered on your Megakeno ticket), an 8, two 7s, two 6s, and tow 5s. You are spending $1.50 and a total of $3.20 for the 40-cent way ticket plays. If you also want to play the two 4s, add another 80 cents to your ticket cost.

For those who want even more action, albeit by spending more per game, try grouping 10 spots, 2-2-2-2-1-1. This way, besides the one MegaKeno 10-spot at $1.50 you also have two 9s, four 8s, eight 7s, ten 6s, 12 fives, and 10 fours. Obviously, playing all these ways, even at 40 cents per way, can get expensive so play the ones you like. Remember, if you lay a certain number of spots you must play all possible ways for that number of spots.

I really like the high-end pays on the 5- and 7-spots at the 40-cent rate, as a huge chunk of the return on these is in the top hit. Thus playing the 5s and 7s would cost you $8 per game. For $9.50 you have the MegaKeno 10-spot progressive and a lot of action with the 20 ways from the 5- and 7-spots combined. You may miss out on other solid hits by not playing the other possible number of spots but you will have a lot of partial hits that add up if able to hit a solid 5, 7 or both.

While playing keno you can also play blackjack, as all their games pay 3 to 2 on blackjacks – way better than the 6 to 5 games that are becoming too common in many other casinos. They also have 10 times odds on craps with lower minimums than many places.

The El Cortez keno lounge is 50% non-smoking and has a large TV, usually tuned to the sporting event at the time. If you like to play video keno while your tickets are running, please be aware the El Cortez even has some video keno machines that return up to 98%, the best in Las Vegas. They also have a fair number of 99% (with proper play) video poker machines and even a few with 100%-plus return.

It pays to learn proper strategy for video poker. Fellow GT columnist Elliot Frome writes an excellent column well worth reading.

The slot club at El Cortez is very good with better returns than most and many promotions well worth your effort. They are at 6th and Ogden downtown with access via Transit routes BHX, 207, 113, Deuce, and others. Their dining options are very reasonably priced as well.

If you see any good promos feel free to write me about them at the email address below. Send the promotional literature by either scanning or email attachment. Until then, best of luck.